How to add or remove administrators from a group of WhatsApp


If you are an administrator of one or more groups of WhatsApp then you will be interested to know that since your latest version (beta) add a important novelty for the management of managers.

Until now, if your group had more of an administrator and you wanted to remove that privilege to a person the only option was to remove the administrator was to eliminate that person the group and re-meter. Now this has finally changed.

taking Advantage of this new feature WhatsApp we will make a small tutorial explaining how to add administrators to a group and how we can then discard people as administrators, avoiding the step of removing it then again to put to the group.

Add an administrator in your group

Make Admin

To appoint administrators in a group of WhatsApp we have to first be an administrator of that group. If it is, we just have to go to the group information and the list of participants will perform a long press on the contact you want to convert in manager. When opened all the options, so you just have to click on Make admin. group. We can have all the administrators you want in the group.

Remove administrator a person from your group

Dismiss Admin

If we have named for the error manager to a person that we didn’t want to, or because we don’t want that person to be an administrator, we can remove it from the group administrator by following the same steps as above.

We go to the group information and the list of participants, we perform a long press on the manager that we want to remove. Among the options that appear you will need to press in the Dismiss as administrator. This person will be an administrator but will remain in the group.

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How to add or remove administrators from a group of WhatsApp

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