How to configure and use the Custom Chrome Tabs on any Android device

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Later this year Google introduced its Custom Tabs for Chrome . A step forward for the web browser for users translates to browse web pages within an application inside quickly and completely. So far we have used two possibilities : the app in question launch a browser or using WebView.Ambos have advantages and disadvantages but none offered a very good experience

Custom Tabs. that problem is solved: full power in a lightweight version Chrome that does not translate into much burden for our Android processor. The problem is that it will take time and aims to be a unique and innovative for the few users Marshmallow. Fortunately there is a way to use them in previous versions and today I teach to set them apart in your Android version that you may have installed


A discreet but indispensable tool

Custom Chrome Tabs eventually come sooner or later, but if you feel like and try them, you will need to install Chromer. This application is responsible for activating and us the opportunity to use these custom tabs . When arriving officially (through Google) integration will be more natural but until then this tool perfectly fulfills its mission.

Once you have installed the application, just we have to open and Chromer set as the default browser . Do not worry, you can still use Chrome. Enabling this option we are simply saying that every time you open a link in another application, skip us a Custom Tab and do not open the heavy and slow Chrome.

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Then What do I gain by doing this instead of that load directly Chrome? Good question. Unlike WebView, Custom Tab gets all the information from Chrome and serves the page quickly and lightly. With the Chrome data we refer to our logeadas accounts and the data that we have stored in cookies.

In this way, we have a quick way to view websites and not logearnos we will have to if in that we were already registered page. That is, it is more like opening a tab in Chrome but much faster. In addition, the application that allows us to activate this function (Chromer) offers some customization options like changing the color of the top bar.

The application is free and until you enable Chrome officially it is a tool most useful if we open many pages from other applications. It works very well and for me has become an indispensable complement because so far Google had done a great job with WebView and your browser.


Chromer web browser

News How to configure and use the Custom Chrome Tabs on any Android device was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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How to configure and use the Custom Chrome Tabs on any Android device

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