How to create your own themes for mobile Samsung with the app Theme Park

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  • How to create your own themes for mobile Samsung with the app Theme Park

    Samsung and its interface, One UI allow for countless ways to customize your smartphone, either by changing the funds, such as adjusting the lock screen. It’s even possible to customize the appearance of the complete smartphone as it is enough to download a new theme, and apply it to the mobile phone is completely different. Also you can easily create new topics with an app from Samsung that has a name very interesting: Theme Park.

    The app of which you speak is part of the compendium Good Lock, a number of applications, own Samsung that, despite being official, the company is not distributed in all territories. For this reason, you will not be able to access commonwealth app or through the Google Play or from the Galaxy Store; for more it is accessible in the form of Apk. And it is extremely useful, as you’ll see below.

    Make new themes with Theme Park

    Create Theme Mobile Samsung

    Samsung has an app store that, in addition to offering apps and games, is available wallpapers and also themes. From there it is easy to change the look of the entire phone, but there is a way much more simple to customize your Samsung in a simple way: with Theme Park or Theme Park.

    This application is part of Good Lock, as we said. It is suitable for mobile with One UI and Android 9 Foot minimum. And you can download it from this link to Apk Mirror. Once you have it, you can already create your own themes for the phone, it’s really easy:

    • Open a Theme Park once you’ve installed the Apk. It is a safe file and is signed by Samsung.
    • Tap Design new Theme and choose a picture from your gallery: it will be the desktop background and that will give way to the colors chosen by the theme automatically.
    • once you have selected the photo (can be made with the camera or any background that you’ve downloaded to your mobile), Theme Park will create the topic adapting it to the photo.
    Create Theme Mobile Samsung
    • you Can crop the image to fit as wallpaper: simply press on it.
    • If you click on Style (bottom), you will see that you have various combinations of color for backgrounds of menu and notifications. The first is the default, but you can choose another design. This shall apply throughout the phone.
    • On the Icon you have the option of choosing the color of frame of the shortcut (Tray; you can also turn it off) and how will be the text that is below (or Label color).
    • once you have your theme set up, you only need to click on the save icon on the top right of the screen.
    • once saved, the new theme will be in My themes, inside wallpaper, and themes, in the settings of your Samsung. Go there, select your creation and apply it: you may have customized your mobile just to your taste.
    Create Theme Mobile Samsung once you have created the topic just need to apply it

    This is a very simple way to customize any Samsung since you do not have design skills, nor getting tangled up in selecting the various elements of the phone: Theme Park will choose the best color combinations based on the wallpaper of your choice. It is best that you download the wallpaper you like the most and do you think the theme from him: you’ll get very good results. And without the need to download themes separately.

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    How to create your own themes for mobile Samsung with the app Theme Park
    December 26, 2019

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