How to delete the auto retouch and the suggestions of the keyboard in Android

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    Tips and auto retouch

    The auto retouch and suggestions from the keyboard of our Android device came to make life easier, to correct those words that we misspelled by pressing any key that was not or to not have to write the full word, especially when we write in very small screens where it is not easy to write fast, and hit all the keys.

    The problem is that the auto retouch and the suggestions do not work as one expects, sometimes it changes words by others, for a lot of that you spelled correctly the word, a thing that tends to happen a lot when you write technical words, marks, or words not yet recognized by the dictionary of our keyboard. If you don’t want that this happens to most here you will find the solution.

    To disable the auto retouch and the suggestions we have to enter the settings of your keyboard and look for these two options in your paragraph of text correction or writing. As in Android there are many keyboards we will see below how to disable these options in the keyboards most popular:


    to access the keyboard settings Google, we can do it from the Settings > Language and text input > Gboard or on the same keyboard, making a long keypress on the key,’,’. Once inside the settings of the keyboard Gboard will find the options in the section text Correction.


    • If you turn off Show suggestions desire to see suggested words as you type. Disabling this option also disables the “next-word suggestions”.
    • If you turn off next-word suggestions the keyboard will no longer use the previous word to show you the words that you write below.
    • If you disable the auto Correction will correct the words that are misspelled or that the keyboard understands that you mean another thing.



    to access the settings of SwiftKey, we can do it from the Settings > Language & input > SwiftKey, or by opening the application SwiftKey or from the keyboard by pressing the side menu and in the icon of gear “More”. In Writing > Spelling and autocorrect find the option disable autocorrect. With this keyboard we see how SwiftKey does not allow you to turn off suggestions, as this function is essential of this keyboard.



    From the Settings > Language & input > Swype, or making a long press on the icon for Swype in your keyboard, or by directly opening the application, Swype will find in your left side navigation menu to access your options. In the section Prediction found auto Correction and word Prediction that we will have to disable if you do not want to make use of these functions.



    finally, TouchPal allows us to completely disable your prediction directly from the keypad by making a long keypress on the key, the ‘,’. To find more options since we have to enter in your settings, either by clicking on the logo TouchPal your keyboard or by opening your application or from the Settings > Language and text input > TouchPal.

    In the section smart Input you can turn off the prediction with the auto correction, or your advanced prediction not to suggest the next word that you might write.

    In Xataka Android | this is Gboard 6.0: we review thoroughly all the developments in the new keyboard from Google

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    How to delete the auto retouch and the suggestions of the keyboard in Android
    January 19, 2017

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