How to have two-step verification from Twitter without using SMS

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    Twitter Auth Apps

    The two-step verification is an extra security measure that strengthens exponentially in an e-mail account or user, because in addition to entering our password we have to then put another security code which we will receive in our mobile phones, usually via SMS.

    Twitter implemented the two-step verification makes it almost four years but recently activated for the whole world the support of third-party application to get the login code without having to rely on the SMS, that sometimes are slow in coming or we are in a place without coverage.

    Now Twitter allows you to use applications like [Google Authenticator](Google Authenticator), Authy or the paid version of 1Password to be able to use the two-step verification for Twitter, and set it is now very simple. We tell you how.

    Enable login verification

    Twitter Auth

    The first step is to turn to our account of Twitter, the verification in two steps. To do this we open the application Twitter for Android and go to Settings & privacy > Account > Security.

    Twitter Auth

    In the section Security already so we only have to check the box login Verification and follow the steps, you are confirming that you are the owner of the account getting into our password, and then associating a mobile number to receive an SMS with the verification code. At the end we will get a code support that we have to save for if we lose the mobile.

    Twitter Auth

    once this is done we will have a verification in two steps, but using SMS as a verification system. It is now when we can tell Twitter that you want to use a security application.

    Use a security application

    Twitter Auth

    To do this we have to go back to Settings & privacy > Account > Security and press now in the new option security Applications for mobile devices.

    Twitter Auth

    The best application to do this is Google Authenticator, because it is configured automatically by pressing its icon that will appear at the bottom when you press Configure now. Nothing more pressing on the icon of Google Authenticator already attached to our account of Twitter to display the security code temporary.

    Twitter Auth

    Other applications such as Authy or 1Password will scan the QR code that shows you Twitter from your web page. To do this from a computer, enter and go to Settings & privacy > Account > Review your methods of verification of sign-in > App security mobile > Activate.

    turning off SMS

    Twitter Auth

    once you have enabled application security, you can turn off the option to continue receiving the SMS. To do this we only need to disable the option Message text.

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    How to have two-step verification from Twitter without using SMS
    December 22, 2017

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