How to install applications in APK in a Android mobile

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  • Unknown Sources

    For security reasons, our device Android by default only allows you to install applications through the Play Store. the Comes blocked the installation of applications from other sources, but that doesn’t mean that you can not install apps downloaded by other means, as many readers already know.

    Google Play is not the only store of applications Android, there are many alternatives, such as Amazon AppStore, Aptoide or repositories, such as APK Mirror that we always offer the latest versions of our favorite applications. And all those alternatives that you do is to download an APK file to install then the application or game.

    What is a APK?

    A APK (Androidpplication Package) is the file in which it is packaged an Android application with the extension .apk that contains all the files necessary to install an application in our Android device. In summary, a APK is the installation file of Android.

    When you download for the first time a APK in your Android device and try to install it from the browser or file explorer you will see how the operating system you are blocking the installation for security.

    Allow installation of applications from outside the Play Store

    Unknown Sources

    In the same window of safety gives you a hint of how to remove this protection. Informs you that the device has been configured to block applications from “unknown sources” and together with the option to Cancel invites you to access the Settings to change that behavior.

    it Is in Settings > Security where you can allow installation of applications not from the Play Store, and to do this you need only enable the option unknown Sources. From that moment when you open an APK file, you will see that you will install it without problems. We have authorized that you can install APK files from any application.

    Unknown Sources

    Android 8.0 Oreo or higher

    Unknown Sources

    from Android 8.0 Oreo add more security against the installation of applications from unknown sources ” and since that option does not exist within Settings > Security. Now in the new version of the operating system each application is the one that blocks the installation of unknown applications.

    When you go to install a APK, for example after downloading it in Chrome, you will see that the browser tells you that you can’t install that APK, but the window shows you a access to go to the Settings. After you enter the settings you see in a new window how can you authorize that Chrome be able to install APK just select the option Authorize discharges from this source.

    This step must be repeated with each of the apps from which you want to install an APK, such as Amazon AppStore, Firefox and co. This prevents an application without our authorisation be able to install an APK without telling us, which if it happens in the previous versions of Android.

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    How to install applications in APK in a Android mobile
    January 4, 2018

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