How to Install on your iPhone emojis Android

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    Emoticons or emojis already part of our conversations from the different messaging applications. Sometimes it is easier and more effective to send one of those funny faces ( or poop with eyes ) to express the same with words. If you noticed on occasion, the emojis found both the keyboard native Android, and in the third, are different from those used by Apple, receiving the name “Apple Color Emoji “.

    These are very similar, if not identical, to those found in eg WhatsApp, but obviously no longer emojis and perform the same function. However, if you would like to use emojis Apple in any application or text field in your Android , now you can thanks to a MOD created by a known user forum XDA Developers .

     MOD emoji android apple colored

    It is only compatible with Android versions 4.4 . KitKat and installed the MOD have at your disposal all emojis native iPhone on your Android smartphone and can insert them into notes, browser, contacts and generally anywhere where you can type text.

    The official thread MOD XDA the developer explains how to apply it manually, you basically copy the file to the AppleColorEmoji.ttf folder / system / fonts /, and change the permissions to fallback_fonts.xml file. However, as the view looks like a complicated process, another forum user has created a file. Flashable ZIP that automatically apply the MOD and uncomplicated.

    Apple iPhone Emoji MOD ZIP

    left;”> can download the. ZIP file from the link above, but if you prefer to do the manual process and other details of the MOD , you have everything in the XDA thread. And you, do you prefer the emojis Android or Apple iOS?

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    How to Install on your iPhone emojis Android
    June 23, 2014

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