How to let Play Games automatically sign in to the games of your Android

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    The centre for social games Google Play Games provides us with a gamer profile to save games in the cloud, unlock achievements, appear in the markers for the classification of games and much more, and to do this we need to log.

    Every time we call a new game that is compatible with Google Play Games it is possible that each more run to see it as the game will ask for your permission to access your player profile, and it is possible that in all the games give them to allow you to enjoy the full experience. If this is your case then you have how to tell Google Play that do this process automatically.


    automatic login

    If you don’t want the games to ask you permission to log in to your gamer profile so you’ll need to activate the automatic login. To do this we have to go to the application Google Play Games.

    Automatic Login

    Within the Settings of the application we have activated the option log in automatically. From that moment on, any game that you’re installing for the first time we ask the sign-manual. It will do so automatically without interruptions.

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    How to let Play Games automatically sign in to the games of your Android
    July 6, 2018

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