How to manage and cancel your subscriptions from Google Play

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    more and more applications that are passed to the model of subscription payment. Allow you to download a free app, but to enjoy all its services and functions you will have to pay a subscription which would usually be monthly or annual. Just leave applications of payment.

    Services like Google Play Music, Google Drive, Netflix or applications such as Evernote, Pocket or Pushbulletto name a few, use Google Play subscriptions. Therefore, it is increasingly normal to have one or multiple active subscriptions. For that reason you are going to tell you how to see all your subscriptions on Google Play, and how to change your payment method, cancel and request a refund.

    How to view your active subscriptions

    Subscriptions Google Play

    To see all of our active subscriptions so we just have to open the Play Store and access from your navigation menu to our Account. There we find the section Subscriptions.

    In subscriptions you will see all our subscriptions activated. Each subscription will show your price, how long it renews the subscription with the date of the next charge.

    How to update form of payment

    Upgrade Subscription

    To change the form of payment of a subscription so we only have to click on Update. We will open the window to associate a new form of payment, such as another credit card or our PayPal account.

    How to cancel a subscription


    If you no longer want to continue enjoying a service, or all of the premium features of an implementation of a subscription, so we’ll just click on Cancel to let us collect your subscription.

    we Can cancel the subscription at any time – still missing days or months for the next collection. Our subscription will remain active until the last day paid but not renewed.

    How to request a refund of a subscription

    Return Subscription

    If we have subscribed by mistake to a service that was not expected or that we wanted to hire, we have to get to the web desktop Google Play to order refund.

    To do this we have to enter the section “Account”, scroll down to the “order History”, find the subscription, click on the three dots and go into “Report a problem”. There we say that we have made the purchase by mistake, we fill the form and submit it for Google to proceed to cancel the subscription and return the money.

    In Xataka Android | Google Play: the three deadlines for requesting the return of an application and how to do it

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    How to manage and cancel your subscriptions from Google Play
    January 30, 2017

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