How to mute the phone quickly Android 9 Foot with a gesture

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    How to silence the phone quickly Android 9 Foot with a gesture

    One of the what’s new of Android 9 Foot that has not finished convince everyone is the new volume control. For now the default it controls the media volume, adding a new shortcut to mute the phone.

    In previous versions, to put the mobile in vibration just had to lower the volume to the maximum, and to silence him completely, re-touch the volume down button. Well, in Android 9 Foot there is a gesture of two buttons.

    Silence the phone quickly


    To mute a mobile phone that has the pure interface of Android 9 Foot we can now you press the power button and the button of volume up at the same time. By default the mobile will vibrate, but that behavior can be changed.

    Change the behavior of the gesture

    Mute Android Footer

    In Settings > Sound > shortcut to prevent the device ring we can choose who we want to make the mobile with the volume of the tone. We can say that the touch that combination of buttons that the mobile is put in vibration, is completely mute, or simply not do anything, that is to say, cancel that gesture.

    ringtone Volume

    Mute Footer

    To remove the vibration or the silence of the phone as you need to open the device volume control, by pressing once any of the two volume buttons. To return to volume you have to touch two times on the icon, vibration, or once if it is already in silence.

    To change the volume of everything, because we have to touch the gear icon from the volume control or from the Settings > Sound. We have to adjust the control of ringtone Volume, which is the tone for incoming calls and notifications. The call volume is for the volume of the voice of the calls.

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    How to mute the phone quickly Android 9 Foot with a gesture
    January 21, 2019

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