How to print documents from an Android device

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    From a few years ago to print from your home does not need a computer, you can print from your mobile device if you have an account with a wireless printer.

    The printers are now also a peripheral Android for you to print these jobs, documents, coupons, emails, web pages and photos conveniently from your mobile phone without having to go to turn on the computer. We tell you how to print step-by-step with your Android.

    Install and configure a printer on your Android


    If we have a wireless printer connected to our WiFi network we can install the printer on our Android device in a very simple way.

    So we’ll just go to Settings > Printing > Add service and install from Google Play the add-on of the manufacturer of the model of our printer. Once you have installed your application as there will be only enable the print service from the manufacturer for our device to be able to locate printers connected to our Wifi network.


    If the printer is connected to the same Wifi network that our mobile phones will appear in the list of printers and when you click on it you can configure it to configure your notifications, the paper and print quality.

    Open a document, email or image and print


    once that our Android device has been detected by the printer as the printer can open a document, email or image from our favorite app and find the option Print which usually is in the options menu of the application.

    If you do not see the print option, you will have to use the option to Share and search the list of applications, the choice of the printer. This is the option that we will use to print on Chrome.

    Set print


    When you click on print, jump to the Print dialog box that shows us the preview of the file and allows us to set print, as the pages to print, if you want to print in black-and-white or in color, the page size, orientation, quality and more options that will vary depending on our printer. Once all set up we already have that give the print button to start to work the printer.

    Print Option to deselect certain pages of the print


    print Spooler and errors


    Our Android device, we notify you in your notifications what files are being printed and the potential problems that may arise, such as that there’s no paper, low ink or a paper jam. In Settings > Print you will see the print queue in case they have files pending or in the process of printing.

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    How to print documents from an Android device
    April 29, 2017

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