How to remove a Google account from an Android phone

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    How to remove a Google account from an Android mobile

    Add Google accounts to the mobile phone, it is very easy, as it is often included in the installation tutorial the first time you turn on, but remove them not so much. Not that it’s particularly difficult, but need to find the option, which is a bit hidden.

    Although it is not something you should do frequently, remove a Google account of your Android mobile is essential prior to selling the terminal, because they ask you for your password the next time restore-factory.

    1. Go to settings

    The process to delete a Google account in Android is very easy and just consists of two steps. First of all, you need to go to the Android settings. You will find the icon in the app drawer. Within the settings, go to the section Accounts.


    note that the various layers of customization change the appearance of the settings and sometimes rearranged where to find the options. Although the most normal thing is that the adjustment of accounts is maintained as is, if you don’t find it, use the finder at the top of the settings.

    2. Delete account

    In the section of accounts is to show the different accounts that you have logged in to your mobile, such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and more. the Tap on the account you want to delete to see your information, and in the window that opens, click Remove account.


    you Need to confirm your intentions in the pop-up window, by clicking the Remove account, and that is that the process is irreversible. You’ll be able to re-add the account whenever you want, but you then have to re-enter your email address and password.

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    How to delete your Google account from an Android mobile

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    How to remove a Google account from an Android phone
    May 25, 2019

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