How to see the charging cycles of the battery in a mobile phone Samsung

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    How to see the charging cycles of the battery in a mobile phone Samsung

    The batteries of our mobile age as it is used, and good part of the blame comes from the continuous process of loading and unloading. Each time a battery is discharged 100%, complete a cycle download, without the need for the process to occur in a single (that is to say, you do not need to empty completely, but adding a 100% between several downloads).

    The cycle life of a battery depends on several factors such as temperature and voltage, but the best estimate extended is that a lithium battery has a shelf life of two to three years and 300 to 500 charging cycles. Since you have how to estimate the load cycles with an application, and today we teach you to get the precise number of cycles of load on a mobile phone Samsung.

    how is the battery of your mobile Samsung?

    Carry the account of the head of the load cycles is simply impossible, and unfortunately, Android doesn’t do it for you. Although you can help of applications Charge Cycle Battery Stats, it should have installed from the time you first bought the mobile, which is pretty unlikely. Luckily, Samsung itself takes the account.

    Samsung is not showing you the data, but what you save and what you can get with an application

    The settings of Android a mobile Samsung has an Information section of the battery, although the information is quite simple (state, level and capacity of the battery) and if you use the special code *#0228# (in the Phone app) you get some additional information, but the cycles no trace. For this, you need an app: Phone Info, which you can download on Google Play.

    This application is almost indispensable for advanced users of mobile Samsung, and you already talked about it in our article on buy Samsung in other countries. After you install it, you only need to go to the tab Personal and look down at all. There is the counter of discharge cycle of the battery.

    Phoneinfo The battery of my mobile already has 500 charge cycles. Already going downhill.

    Is the real figure, as you have registered your phone into its intricacies, and therefore more reliable than the estimates of other applications. Now you’ll be able to make estimates of the salutes of the battery and make plans on if it’s worth it or not to change it. In some models it also includes the health of the battery, a percentage that indicates the maximum capacity that it is able to reach the battery with respect to its original capacity.

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    How to see the charging cycles of the battery in a mobile phone Samsung
    January 21, 2019

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