How to stream with YouTube for Android It’s Already available for everyone!

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Since the beginning of this year, the application of YouTube for our Android devices already allows you to create live broadcasts. In its premiere required to have more than 10,000 followers, then to the months the number dropped to 1,000 subscribers and then to 100 subscribers, but this has now changed.

You do not need to have subscribers on our YouTube channel, therefore, any person can now broadcast live from the official application of YouTube for Android.

YouTube Live

live broadcasts

to Create a live broadcast is very simple. We just have to press on the button of the camera that we find in the top bar. There we will have the option of Broadcast live

[[update: {“text”:”Note: If it still doesn’t allow you to broadcast live updates YouTuve for Android to your latest version and clears the data of the application to force the activation of this feature.”}]]


verify your identity

If this is the first time that we access the option of the camera we will have to grant permissions that you request from us the application and we will have that to verify our identity with our mobile number, for our YouTube channel is associated to a physical person.

The next step that we ask for the application is if we want to submit to review messages, to approve the chat messages pending review, or prevent it from showing in other devices. This option can be enable or disable from the general settings of the application. Completed these preliminary steps we can now broadcast live.

Review messages

Create live broadcast, your options

live Broadcast

To begin a live broadcast first thing we need to do is to put a title to the live video and, optionally, a description. Here you will find the following options:

  • Privacy video: if we want the issue to be public or hidden.
  • Schedule for later: for if we want to start the live broadcast at another time.
  • advanced Settings:
    • Enable chat: for if we want our viewers to send us messages.
    • Enable age restriction: if our broadcast is not suitable for minors.
    • If the video is sponsored by: if our live broadcast is sponsored and paid for by a company.

to Add the thumbnail to the issue


To move to the next step automatically after a countdown of three seconds, the front camera of our device we will take a photo to create the thumbnail. If we don’t like the way it has been, we can repeat the photo or select an image from our gallery.

scheduled broadcast

live Broadcast scheduled

If we have scheduled a broadcast is displayed in the top icon of a calendar, reminding us just how many live broadcasts scheduled we have. This feature is only to stop the broadcast data filled in, even if closer to the date and time of the issue nothing will happen, the application or we notify you or commence the broadcast. They are basically like draft emissions.

Broadcasted live, your options


After playing in Done, or in ****live Broadcast** we will already be showing on streaming with our followers everything that we are recording with our camera. Here the options that we find are:

  • Switch camera
  • Hide chat
  • Apply filters
  • turn Off the microphone
  • to Share
  • Finish

live broadcasts

End of the issue

Finish live broadcast

at The end of the broadcast we displayed a statistic with the number of reproductions, the record of spectators, new subscribers, the duration, the display time and the average time of display on the part of our viewers. The video will be saved in our account.

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How to stream with YouTube for Android It’s Already available for everyone!

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