How to unlock an Android smartphone with facial recognition


today, the unlock method most popular for its speed and security is the finger sensor because, no matter where it is located, allows us to have the mobile available in a couple of seconds to catch him. However, the arrival of the Face ID in the iPhone X has made more than one is raised to improve the face recognition option to unlock our mobile.

In Android we have our own facial recognition system that, although it is somewhat less reliable (up to improvements), can be useful as it added to the finger sensor. In this tutorial we will explain how to use Smart Lock so you can unlock your mobile with face recognition.

How to set up the facial recognition


today, the facial recognition is not among the methods of unlocking the majority of terminals (except for those that have wanted to highlight it in some way or use a sensor as the iris), so we will have to resort to Smart Lock to be able to set our face as a method of unlocking.

To do this, go to the settings menu and look for the section ‘Security’ (on Android Oreo called the ‘location & Security’) and track ‘Smart Lock’. Enter the password, PIN or pattern and we played on ‘facial Recognition’. Here you will see a security warning (someone with similar traits that you can use or that it is less secure than PIN or password).

Reconomientofacial 1

In the next step tell you to look for a place with sufficient lighting and keep the phone at the height of the eyes.** Make sure that your face is inside the circle and wait until the process is complete** (a few seconds). From that time we can use our face to unlock the phone.


To delete the face recognition, only to follow the previous route, but when you tap on ‘facial Recognition’, we will have two options: ‘Improve face recognition’ and ‘Remove the facial recognition’. We played osbre this last option, we confirmed and it will be ready.

How to improve on the facial recognition


once you set up the facial recognition, it is possible that, if we change slightly our appearance (putting on or removing goggles, shaving or beards…), to lose effectiveness or not we recognize it. the For that we have the option to improve face recognition, so that it always recognizes us no matter the aspect we have.

as in the previous section, we will go to the section on ‘facial Recognition’ to Smart Lock and, when you see the two options, we will choose this time the first, ‘Improve face recognition’. This time recommended that you’ve changed your appearance to try to improve this method of unlocking.

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Again, the next step is to keep the mobile at the height of the eyes and the face within the circle for a few seconds until the process is complete.

This step can be followed each time you have a look something different, so that you will do this function to something more effective.

Testing the face recognition

Reconocimientofacial 2

I have been testing the facial recognition set up as we mentioned earlier, and it is a good complement to the finger sensor (don’t replace it, luckily). The mobile does not pass directly to the main screen, but will slip without having to use the footprint thanks to the camera I automatically recognized.

The recognition is very fast, in just half a second you can see the icon that passes a icon of a person to the typical padlock that asks us to slip, but yes, we must keep in mind that for us to recognize we have to turn the screen on first. This feature is nice, but it has its drawbacks.

The main is slow in comparison with the finger sensor (although if it is extremely slow…), and the other is that someone with a few similar traits could unlock your phone. I’ve tried the typical thing of trying to unlock the mobile phone with a picture of me, but the mission has failed, fortunately.

While we have only the camera as a means to recognize our face, the security of this feature compared with that which gives us the finger sensor is quite low, but it can be a good complement if you do not want to make use of the sensor at some point, or has failed.

have You used at some time face recognition as unlock method?

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How to unlock an Android smartphone with facial recognition
November 14, 2017