How to use the new finder of GIFs in WhatsApp for Android

Whatsapp Browser Gifs

WhatsApp is the the undisputed leader of the messaging at a global level, but despite being a leader is still missing some functions, although it is gradually expanding its capabilities. The last novelty for the users of the app is one that is sure to be very used: the finder of GIFs.

The seeker GIFs takes time in WhatsApp, but until now it was only available in the version for iOS. In its latest beta release, WhatsApp for Android finally allows us to find the GIF perfect for every situation in a few simple steps. We will tell you how to do it.

How to send GIFs through the search

Although send GIFs on WhatsApp for Android was available, the function was somewhat limited, since it only allowed us to send pictures that we had saved on the device, or record videos of six seconds to send them in GIF format.

What fun to send these animated images is to use them as a method to express emotions and with the search engine we will be a lot easier to find this GIF that best communicates how we feel in every moment.

Whatsapp Browser Gifs

To access the finder of GIFs of WhatsApp click on the emoji that appears in the field where you type the text. To know if you have activated the search engine for GIFs, just check that, in addition to open the menu of selection of emojis, the icon GIF appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and then tap on the magnifying glass to initiate the search.

Whatsapp Browser Gifs

at this point just write what we want to express, for example, “joy”, and choose one of the GIFs that offers us the seeker. Once selected you can add a message, or send directly, as simple as that.

As we said, this feature was already available on iOS but now finally comes to Android, but only you can try out if you are registered in the beta. For the moment there is no date for the arrival of the seeker GIFs to the final version of WhatsApp, but if you want to try it only you have to join the beta program by clicking the this link.

finally note that the built-in search WhatsApp in our case has been Tenor, and not Giphy as shown in Android Police. We have tested it on various mobile and in all has appeared the same option, so maybe it’s a regional issue. What is the seeker GIFs on WhatsApp have you got?

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How to use the new finder of GIFs in WhatsApp for Android
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