How to use the new identification cards to Instagram to add contacts

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  • How to use the new identification cards to Instagram to add contacts

    Instagram is the social network’s most active time. That’s why every new tool that add you look closely to know how it works. The latest novelty are the Nametags or id cards, a new feature to add friends focusing with the camera in a simple manner.

    These id cards can now be used on Instagram for Android and iOS. Here, we will tell you very quickly how you can configure and take advantage of Instagram to add friends easily. It is very fast and it can be a method curious to add to people without the need of ask for nick or number. Just open Instagram, you are aiming, and as if a QR code is were we will add it to the other person.

    Added to people with the new id cards

    Photo Calls

    To create a new id card, we must open up the application Instagram. Go to the profile and in the top right corner you will see the three stripes of the settings. Press it and you will see the option of ‘id Card’.

    When you click there will appear the option create our id card and customize it. We have three options: change the background color, add smileys or add a selfie to which we can add hearts, mustaches or glasses. It is very simple and you simply need to swipe to a side to go with a different design.


    once you have chosen your card you simply need to save it or enviarsela to someone. This card will act as a QR code and to sharpen it as it will add to that person.

    Here is where comes just the other side of these cards. How do I add someone with Instagram? From the same site. Settings > identification Card and press down on the option of ‘Scan card’. With the camera we just need to focus on the card and automatically detects the profile of the other person, if that’s you, if you have the person already added or if you have not and want to do it.


    These new identification cards are already available worldwide, regardless of the operating system of the mobile phone that you use. A quick and funny to add people and everything is within Instagram, a social network that has recently changed ownership but it is still a huge popularity.



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    How to use the new identification cards to Instagram to add contacts
    October 5, 2018

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