HP SlateBook 14, the most powerful laptop with Android


left;”> When I wondered if you thought that Android would succeed as a desktop system was for notebooks like the HP presented today. SlateBook 14 is a laptop with Android inside , a 14-inch multitouch FULLHD resolution and NVIDIA processor inside

Let’s take a look at a laptop, which will be sold initially only in the U.S. but it looks good

SlateBook HP 14 large specifications. outdated version of Android

Why not a Chromebook? That’s all we ask, but HP seems to have decided Android 4.3 inside. It does not have the latest version, which is unacceptable, but will have full access to Google Play where to be seen how far Android apps fit a 14-inch screen. And it seems that they have worked hard at it, because it is a similar version to the stock. Until maintains three classic buttons Home, back and multitasking.

This screen has a 1920 x 1080 resolution pixels and a brightness of 270nits. Comes processed by a NVIDIA Tegra chip 4 2GB RAM, 64GB of storage and a battery that promises up to 9 hours. In addition we will have a touch screen keyboard and a trackpad style of any laptop.

Other features is the sound of the speakers signed by Beats , a HD webcam, a pair of USB 2.0, one 3.0 , HDMI and Miracast. In weight and measures 16mm have , for example thinner than a Macbook Air and weighing 1.7Kg .

 slatebook  slatebook2  slatebook4  slatebook14

The HP will sell SlateBook 14 July at a price of U.S. $ 399 . A very affordable price for what it offers and may be a good alternative to ten-inch tablets.

What do you think this new product from HP? Would you like an Android laptop?

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HP SlateBook 14, the most powerful laptop with Android
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