Huawei becomes the second best-selling brand in the world, ahead of Apple

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    • Huawei has been the second best-selling brand in June and July.
    • this Is the first time that the chinese company surpasses Apple.
    • Even so, the bulk of the market remains in your country and none of their ‘smartphones’ is among the top ten most sold in the world.


    The chinese company Huawei consistently exceeds Apple in global sales of smartphone during the months of June and July. With a solid sales during the month of August for the chinese company, it is possible that Huawei achieved a hat-trick in sales for the third consecutive month, according to the latest survey Market Press of Counterpoint, of July 2017.

    “This achievement represents a major milestone for Huawei, the largest brand of smartphone in China and a company with a global presence is increasingly prominent. This says a lot of the ability of this company mainly is engaged in the supply of network infrastructures, on their growth in the segment of mobile terminals to be along the last three or four years”, said Peter Richardson, research director of Counterpoint.

    “Huawei has awarded a great worldwide reach thanks to its ongoing investments in R & D and manufacturing, in addition to major marketing campaigns and the major expansion of its sales channel,” he added.

    “This fact highlights the speed of growth of Huawei. However, a lower presence in south Asia, in India and in north America, limiting the potential growth of Huawei in the short/medium term while maintaining a second-place finish behind Samsung. Huawei largely depends on your local market in China, where he is in a position of leadership, as well as markets focused on the operators, such as Europe, Latin america and the Middle East”.

    These data may also be very much related to the fact that many consumers expect the months of summer, when big companies announce their new products, to acquire their smartphone.

    in Addition, despite the position of Huawei in total sales at the global level, the data for specific models of terminals show that the chinese company does not manufacture any of the ten smartphones sold in the market. The ranking of the smartphone bestseller is led currently by the two terminals of the latest range launched by Apple: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, grabbing the first 4% of the total market. Apple has placed three of its terminals among the ten most sold, by four Samsung, two of Oppo and one of Xiaomi.


    Huawei becomes the second best-selling brand in the world, ahead of Apple
    September 7, 2017

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