Huawei will launch its own operating system next month, according to TechRadar

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    Huawei will launch its own operating system next month, according to TechRadar

    The events caused by the blockade of the united States Huawei seem to be rushing in the last days, as the chinese giant already had a proprietary operating system in development to protect yourself from a possible flight, forced or not, of Android. This system, which yesterday we learned that it could be called Ark OS, would be already ready.

    The last information comes from the hand of TechRadar Middle East, which has obtained an interview with Alaa Elshimy, Director and Vice president of Business Business of Huawei in the Middle East. In this interview, Elshimy says that the operating system not only is ready, but the chinese company is planning for release in the next month.

    Possible Ark YE, HongMeng private

    As we said, the blocking of Huawei from the united States caused the chinese to stay out of future Android updates, being Google an american company with a ban on working with Huawei. This statement, coloured by both parties, was delayed 90 days in time, thanks to a moratorium signed by the Department of Commerce of the united States.

    once the moratorium of ninety days, namely on August 19, the lock would get up and Huawei would be isolated from north american companies. All parties have made statements during this time, and although Trump has opened the door to a possible commercial solution, it seems that Huawei will continue with its contingency plan.

    “Huawei knew this was coming and was preparing. The operating system was ready in January of 2018 and this was our “Plan B”. We didn’t want to take the operating system to the market, because we have a strong relationship with Google and others and we didn’t want to ruin the relationship. Now, what we’re implementing next month.”

    With these declarations, Huawei says its operating system, possibly Ark OS, will be on the street in the next month of June, according to the time frame offered by Elshimy and being now concluding may.

    the system Is expected to be the “Fuchsia” Huawei, to be compatible with mobile phones, laptops, connected devices, and other ecosystems.

    For now, the operating system is known with its internal name, HongMeng, and you may soon know much more of him. Next month we are also celebrating the G20 in which Trump and the president of China have seen the faces, what we are faced with a real movement or it is a movement of pressure against the americans? We’ll see.

    Via | TechRadar

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    The news Huawei will launch its own operating system next month, according to TechRadar was originally published in Xataka Android by Samuel Fernandez .

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    Huawei will launch its own operating system next month, according to TechRadar
    May 28, 2019

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