‘I know who you are’ and ‘girls of the cable’ stand as the best series in the Ondas Awards 2017

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    I Know who you are-Waves

    This October marks the start of the “minitemporada” prize from the Spanish television and, in the absence of a few days to know the winners of the Iris, delivered by the Acedemia of Television, we already know the list of awarded with the Ondas Awards 2017, from decades ago, organizes the Chain to BE in Barcelona.

    among the most notable is the relay that is in one of the most important categories: ‘I Know who you are‘, the thriller revelation of the last season happens to ‘The Ministry of Time’ as a best series, award, which he received in 2015 and 2016. But it is another series of TVE, also interesting, ‘I Am alive‘ which has brought a Wave. In particular its protagonist, Javier Gutierrez. Blanca Suarez has been the standout among the actresses series for her role in ‘hiding their eyes’. It is also noteworthy that the protagonist also ‘The girls of the cable’ that has won for Best series broadcast online, giving another victory to Netflix.

    The Girls Of the Cable

    Removing the fiction, this time the Waves have gone more toward programs more minority. After reward ‘The Voice’ and ‘Your face sounds’ in the latest editions, on this occasion the award for Best entertainment program has been ‘this is the Earth2The 1, that they emphasize your work informative about the natural phenomena and other aspects of the planet. TVE also points to another both with ‘Ochéntame again: The olympic dream‘, which wins Best news program or special coverage.

    Awards Waves 2017 Tv | winners

    • Best entertainment program: ‘Here the Earth’ (1)
    • Best news program or special coverage: ‘Ochéntame again: The Olympic Dream’ (1)
    • Best presenter: (ex aequo) Josep Cuní (8aldía) and Xabier Fortes (news on TVE Galicia)
    • Best talk show host: Susanna Grisso (‘Public Mirror‘, Antena 3)
    • Best series Spanish: ‘I Know who you are‘ (Telecinco)
    • Best male interpreter in fiction: Javier Gutierrez (‘I Am alive’)
    • Best female performer in fiction: Blanca Suárez (‘Thus hiding their eyes‘)
    • Best interpreter of a series issued by stations or chains are not nationals: Josep Maria Pou (Nit i Dia, TV3)
    • Best program or series of fiction broadcast online: ‘The girls cable

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    ‘I know who you are’ and ‘girls of the cable’ stand as the best series in the Ondas Awards 2017
    Source: www.vayatele.com  
    October 19, 2017

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