I will see Carnage in the movie! Will be the villain of the spin-off of Venom

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    Carnage Venom

    After the fantastic announcement of the movie solo ‘Venom’, which will star the very Tom Hardy, the drip-drip of news about the new approach to the world of Spider-Man led us to talk about the confirmation part of the Sony that that spin-off well-known “spiderverso”, that you would have to add the two new developing on Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio, shared movie universe with ‘Spider-Man: the Homecoming’.

    well, the new about the franchise marvelita not stop bombardearnos, being the last of them associated with the film focused on symbiotic arch-enemy of the good Spidey. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we just know that the villain ‘Venom’ will be, nothing more and nothing less than Carnage —known in our lands as Killing—.


    This could confirm that the ‘Venom’ be employed by the treatment of its main character, Eddie Brock, as anti-hero, and not as the antagonist of Peter Parker to which we are usually accustomed to. In this way, the role of villain in the movie would fall on the shoulders of Cletus Kasady: a serial killer confined in the prison of the island’s Ryker, where he shared a cell with Brock, being possessed by the descendant of Venom.

    The arrival of Carnage to ‘Venom’ seems to be more hopeful if it is worth to note that Sony has promised to make a film with rated R —this is not suitable for people under the age of 17— which makes us expect a true festival of the violence and bad baba of the symbionts. What still remains up in the air is to know if our friend and neighbor, Spider-Man will be passed to the function, because the contract of Tom Holland only ensures their participation in the second and third parts of ‘Homecoming’. We will wait anxious to see what derives from all this.

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    I will see Carnage in the movie! Will be the villain of the spin-off of Venom
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    June 22, 2017

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