‘I wish’, the series that Divinity wants to reach teens, premieres Monday

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    The teens are a public that, theoretically, no longer watch TV the traditional way to go to YouTube and watch videos downloaded their series, but lately many come to bring them back to the traditional channels projects. After the birth of the chain Non Stop People , Divinity will do its own motion ‘ I want ‘, a youth daily series that will debut its new thematic stamp, Diviniteen.

    This Stamp start with the series, on Monday at 20 , and encompass programs aimed at young people between 12 and 15 years (which now are called becomers ) that will have music as its denominator more usual common. In ‘I wish’, for example, it will be an important element because the love interest of the protagonist, Lana, is a musician who works as a waiter at the bar at his school.

    Lana is fashion blogger and his blog, called as the series, it will be important also in Divinity transmedia strategy, as can be read in web and will enable viewers interact with the author via social media . The truth is that, so come on in the press release and the promotional images of the series, seems to be closer to the series for preteens Argentinean as’ Violetta ‘(where he spent his protagonist, Lucia Gil) that’ After school ‘or’ Physics and Chemistry ‘.

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    ‘I wish’, the series that Divinity wants to reach teens, premieres Monday
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    November 6, 2015

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