IBM optical storage: faster than an SSD, cheaper than RAM

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    IBM Optical Storage: faster than an SSD cheaper than RAM

    IBM introduces a system of experimental storage faster than the SSD and much more efficient and cheaper than RAM.

    We thought that with the SSD had finally qualitative and quantitative leap storage on devices (mobile and non-mobile) from its counterpart traditional hard drives, but we were very wrong. And is that IBM continues to push the industry with new technologies , on paper, make us hopelessly rethink some of the things that today we took for granted, at least when it comes to storage.

    And is that despite the jump that have led systems flash storage, so depending on which devices are still quite slow, so a point in the race for the data rate will try to beat the speed of RAM reports sought but without being so expensive and so volatile.

    the voltage differences to read and write data allows faster access therefore, IBM has a first step to solve this “problem” of SSD storage. using a storage system based glass and optical disk, the company has created a storage system much faster than an SSD and cheaper than RAM

    And, although it may seem like science fiction, the PCM system IBM stores data applying a high voltage which can then be read again using another change in the voltage: when it is high, state is “1”, and when it is low, is “0”, so that you can write and read data similar to a traditional drive, but faster.

    applications for this system, therefore, they are awesome. The PCM memories can be used to store the entire operating system of a device, tripling the speed of its processes and, above all, on and off incredibly fast.

    Still much work remains pending, but the truth is that it is an incredibly interesting for the future of storage step.


    IBM optical storage: faster than an SSD, cheaper than RAM
    May 17, 2016

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