If you are booking a Pixel or Pixel XL, Google will give away the glasses VR Daydream View

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    virtual reality is out of fashion and Google will not want to miss the feast, preparing for the I/O 2016 the presentation of Daydream, your platform of virtual reality-based Android smartphones that she would receive glasses VR compatible and of quality directly developed by Google, and ready for his debut at the end of the year.

    however, we all know that in order for the developers to look attractive a platform of face to provide it with content, the penetration of the devices must be wide, so Google is not only going to settle with throwing her glasses on the 10th of November in certain markets at a price of 79 dollars, but that every user who pre-purchase on Google Store a Pixel XL you will receive a Daydream View free of charge.

    well, some users that had booked their smartphones Pixel have been reporting in the last few hours that Google already has done to get your gift code to redeem on Google Play a Daydream View at zero cost.

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    This code has now come all through an e-mail, accompanied with the relevant instructions to get the precious viewer VR, although of course, this promotion is valid only for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL purchased through the Google Store in countries where such terminals are already available.

    The process is very simple, with a simple click on the “Redeem Now” button which will show the relevant page to buy the Daydream View, currently only in the standard version of gray. There is No cost for shipping, and the estimated time for delivery is marked in around 10 days.

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    A movement very similar to that of Samsung with its Gear VR glasses that use the platform and the content of Oculus and have remained as a free gift with every Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from your period of reservation. Is logical and necessary to create a base of users to gather information on the operations and needs, although to do this you have to invest a little to penetrate the device.

    Launching step of the Pixel and Daydream

    it’s Worth remembering that smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as goggles Daydream View, are only available in the united States, Australia, Canada, Germany and the Uk, leaving the air dates on which iran getting the devices to other markets.

    In Spain and Latin america it is more than likely not see until well into 2017, so at the moment touch you arm yourself with patience while the ‘early birds’ start to test all the new features of the new smartphones from Google and its platform VR for Android.

    At least, yes Google is expected to keep the promotion and give away the Daydream View during the period of reservations in all the markets in which we go on throwing the smartphones Pixel.

    In Xataka Android | Daydream: they are already here the first few games and applications to virtual reality of Google
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    If you are booking a Pixel or Pixel XL, Google will give away the glasses VR Daydream View
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    November 15, 2016

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