iMessage vs WhatsApp – What features Apple copied?

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    a wise proverb says “keep your friends close, but your enemies mass.” Well said and done. That we Android fans does not mean that we do not want to know in depth what our main competitor. A few weeks ago we met iOS 8 and several of the major improvements Tení , an to do with aplicacióno iMessage service . The controversy was served as one of the founders of WhatsApp basically tweeted that Apple had copied these ‘new features’ of how proud he felt , a. I’ve been putting off writing this article a few days, while testing the apps, but today I’m not staying with the desire to tell what those features are concerned that Jan Koum and what There is really different between the two services.


    whatsapp imessege
    ¿En what resemble and differ WhatsApp and iMessage? / © WhatsApp / Apple.

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    iMessage vs WhatsApp – What features Apple copied?
    June 23, 2014

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