Improves Evernote extension with Workflow

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    Improves Evernote extension with Workflow

    With the help of these Workflows we can get the same features we have in the area of ​​desktop Evernote to capture content

    Whether for work and my studies Evernote has become my second brain. Since my ideas until I take notes in class, passing the reference material used in many projects and texts, just on it. And I’m not the only . The content that I keep in Evernote is quite varied and also the way in which I keep. For example, when they are quick ideas I turn to Drafts, when I write something more elaborate directly into Evernote and when I save some article or web turn to the Safari extension.

    Hence when the extensions were announced iOS 8 entusiasmase both me: finally going to stop resorting to Mac to perform this task. However, the way in which the extension of Evernote for iOS works have not finished convince me. Not that both its interface and options facing the capture are great malfunction, indeed, but the way it captures the content does not quite convince me.

    Unlike webclipper desktop The extension of iOS only allows us to capture content in a unique way: keeping the design. Many may prefer it, but for me it is impractical and rarely fits what you want to keep: the text and photos of an article or a link to a website that then I’ll add some comment. A content type for which no web design not only adds nothing if not that often worsens reading.

    With Workflow we achieve the same functionality as the webclipper Desktop For Mac is really easy to capture this type of content, simply have to choose the “simplified Article” or “marker” mode, but in iOS are not available. While Evernote is decided to include this feature in its extent I have resorted to Workflow to solve the problem.

    Thanks the various actions to capture and transform content, variables and the “Content Staple” Workflow has been nothing difficult to find a workflow that mimics the Evernote webclipper that can be used in desktop computers. Here are the results:

    • Save the contents of an article : This workflow seeks title of the web and places it as the title of the note and then extract the contents (texts, pictures) of article and save it in the body of the note. Eliminates web design but keeps the formatting and links.
    • Save the title and a web link : this workflow sets the title of the web as the title of the note and save the link and the “Excerpt” in the body

    Both actions are really simple, so. is not difficult to modify them to suit the way you need. Keep in mind that both have been designed to run as extension from Safari, so it does not work if run within the app.

    If you still do not have Workflow you can buy in the App Store by € 4.99


    Improves Evernote extension with Workflow
    April 6, 2015

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