In ‘Humans’ artificial intelligence puts into question human nature

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    “What Makes Us human? “

    Again, a dystopian fable made in Channel 4 (‘Black Mirror’) makes us think about human nature in its relationship with technology. In the scenario that poses ‘Humans’ (USA simulcast via AMC, which co-produces) man have reached the peak of the technology race: create “life” synthetic. So humanlike that their inclusion among them will result in a new society with new values ​​and new conflicts.

    Although its most basic configuration is supported in the laws of robotics Asimov and are scheduled to do harm-nor lie, love or suffer, its very existence and its interaction with humans may have consequences that have not taken into account when they created. They can not love, but forgot that we are social animals, our ability to generate empathy for something because “there”? And, Of course, to generate rejection: the attempted supremacy of the human being to a threat

    Human vs Synthetic

    = “Humans_AnitaSophie” class = “centro_sinmarco” src = “×707/650_1200.jpg” /> London today. Artificial intelligence has reached its maximum development, creating “synthetic” beings ( Person Synthtetics ) with incredibly human aspect: physically, only his eyes and his body language betrays them But they are just programmed machines, created to serve man. as labor or domestic slaves, but also sexual. Cheap and easy work, without desires, emotions and demands. The health system, everyday men and new aberrations and entertainment.

    But it is just theory; because in practice, the consequences can not always be measured or controlled. If a synthetic is programmed to monitor a sick person and can make decisions based on their health, who dominates whom? Even as the proper to the person, their basic rights are limited. And opposite, humans who behave like wild with them … is that humanity? That is the question that ‘Humans’ brings to the table. technology, to explain how we are or what we can become.

    They say that despite the great similarity, synthetics are not quite like us because they lack human consciousness. they can not dream, do not know what to feel, not really empathize, they are programmed to do so. But, whether machines, burn them or rape them or use them for a futuristic fight club, what about our human condition? Conversely, is it lawful to love them? In any case, it is a dependent of them risk at any level.

    These are questions that arise through the relationship of synthetic Anita (Gemma Chan) with your new Dr. Millican users or (William Hurt) with his old unit, which refuses to recycle and that is all that is left to remind your family. Issues such as sexual attraction, jealousy or emotional dependence are more common in the history of what you’d think if we talk about robots. But these are far from the coldness of a simple machine

    Synthetic vs. Human


    So far, although there were few problems, the situation seemed to be still controlled. But What if technology had taken a step further, creating synthetic conscious? Focus on robots that can suffer, love, think and make their own decisions. The danger is that despite his conscience, remain synthetic and do not share the same values ​​as us. For some of them, like lethal Niska (Emily Berrington) who rebels against his ruling, life can be created, ergo not have the same status of sacred.

    Resistance Synthetic formed by a Human and four of these half-human (the sons of Elster) will be the key to explaining the mysteries that has been bringing the series in the first four chapters (8 in total) to a breakneck pace. Why David Elster created this type of synthetic life? Is there more of them? Can you finish modifying other synthetic? That is, will it reach humanity to that point of no return where the technology will overcome?

    Its existence has already led to the disappearance of thousands of jobs for men, have broken couples and as families upside down, in which the mother feels strange or husband feels displaced. Teens see their future careers threatened: soon there will be able synthetic operate even humans. But could go as far as extinction of man as the dominant race, especially considering that even they can infiltrate anonymously among us?

    Not to forget the self synthetic drama that feels human living in a synthetic body. As I happened to replicating Blade Runner. They also experience the shock of natures. They see how their peers are humiliated and feel they also have the right to life. Because really they could become more human (in the moral or ethical sense of the term) that some men.

    All these approaches make ‘Humans’ A series that captures and also peat . is a successful mix of genres: a police thriller, a drama and a show of science-fiction that will raise the attraction of everything that really behind this new society and an interesting sociological analysis. After seeing it, one can only see the original Swedish (‘real humans’ or Äkta människor ) and find out if that ability to create an atmosphere of suspense in the northern fictions made this story a number even more disturbing and what it is fascinating and its remake.

    Tele Go! | Nos We were not zombies, but come the robots: first teaser of ‘Humans’

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    In ‘Humans’ artificial intelligence puts into question human nature
    July 10, 2015

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