In June there could be a new MacBook Retina 13″ lower cost

According to a report from Digitimes, Apple would introduce a new MacBook Retina 13”, with a lower cost than the MacBook 12” today. According to the report, the new MacBook would have a panel of 2560×1600 with a density of 226 PPI.

This would be a base product, but it would make components better, and for a similar price as the current MacBook Air for $ 999. The report notes that Apple has chosen to use a LGDisplay.

The report gives no precise data on the price, but indicated that it would be more economic than the current MacBook Air 12″ that costs 1299 dollars. The computer would go into production at the end of may, so that could be presented during the WWDC this year, you’d be doing in the first days of June, although it has not yet been confirmed the arrow. Last year Apple introduced the iMac Pro, HomePod, and updates to iMacs and MacBooks for the edition 2017 of WWDC.

Digitimes tamibén reported that Apple would be updating the line of iPads, with a new iPad 9.7” which would be launched in the second quarter.


In June there could be a new MacBook Retina 13″ lower cost

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