‘In the corridor of death’: Miguel Angel Silvestre looks in the sober and discreet mini-series of actual crime of Movistar+

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    'corridor of death': Miguel Angel Silvestre looks in the sober and discreet mini-series of actual crime of Movistar+

    I Admit that I really wanted to sink my teeth into ‘In the corridor of death‘, the new miniseries original Movistar+. is Four episodes in which we follow the case against Pablo Ibar, an accused in 1994 triple murder in the united States and sentenced to death.

    The letter of presentation of the series could not be better: Miguel Ángel Silvestre embodies the protagonist in a fiction based on the book of the same name Nacho Carretero, author of ‘manioc flour’. It is not the only link with the famous a book, but that Diego Sotelo, screenwriter, main the ‘manioc flour’ Antena 3, was put in charge of the adaptation together with the responsible of Bamboo (Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira).

    In the course of four episodes, directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet (‘The days to come’), ‘On death row’ go to the twenty-five years that have passed since that June 1994, when a young pelotari who decides to spend a time with your mother in Florida is arrested and charged by police in the death of three people. 

    Always convinced of his innocence, his parents (Laura of the Uz, and Ramon Aguirre) and his girlfriend (Marisé Alvarez) will fight tirelessly to get Paul to have a fair trial. Pau Poch, Ben Temple, Nick Devlin and Eric Goode rounded off the main cast of the series.

    A proposal sober and bilingual

    One of the first things that catches the attention of the series is that Movistar+ wagered to shoot the series in English and Spanish. It is more, I would dare to say that the vast majority of lines of dialogue are in English, a decision justified due to the location of the case but that does not cease to be a rarity in the audio visual production.

    After the explosion of gender as we understand it now, we are in a time in which the spectator tanning begins to have to know how to navigate among the multitude of premieres “true crime” there. Verily at the time that ‘corridor of death’ makes its debut in the Movistar, Netflix premieres ‘Believe me’.

    In this sense, the production of Bamboo runs the risk of passing despercibida. is is Not to fail anything, just does not stand out. It is a mini-series discrete whose biggest attraction is that it tells a story that touches us something more closely due to the provenance of Pablo Ibar… that, in fact, had a follow-up media important a few years ago.

    Because, in general lines, ‘In the corridor of death’ is a good drama with actual crime. is Miguel Ángel Silvestre has presence and does a great job of protagonist and the rest of the cast is not is nothing left behind, especially Marisé Alvarez. The production, on the other hand, is used in the series of Movistar+ and a few ifs and buts, you can rub it.

    At the time of showing us the story of Paul writers advocate to not abuse of the emotional plane. However, one would have wished for something less sobriety depending on what parts of the story. Without getting into “what spoilers?”, there are a couple of moments in particular that they do not manage to transmit all the power that intrinsically possesses.

    The result is a mini-series interesting that, while there may be noticeable within the fiction-Spanish, fails to excel in the wide sea of proposals of real crimes that populate the television platforms. 

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    ‘In the corridor of death’: Miguel Angel Silvestre looks in the sober and discreet mini-series of actual crime of Movistar+
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    September 13, 2019

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