iOS doubled its market share in Spain in just three months: the iPhone effect in June

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    iOS doubled its market share in Spain in just three months: the effect iPhone 6

    Kantar publishes its latest studies on mobile market share in Spain for December 2014. iOS turns out to be the big winner with a doubling of their market share. Android, meanwhile, lost some points but retains its dominant position.

    It is no news that the iPhone 6 (and its namesake, the iPhone 6 Plus) being a success . A few days ago, Apple introduced some amazing financial results where precisely The iPhone 6 was the main character. But if this was not enough, now Kantar reconfirms that success with their latest data from mobile market share in Spain.

    Specifically, Kantar reflects market share to Apple’s 12.9% last December 2014; an increase of three points from the previous month (9.7% share of the mobile market in Spain). This growth is even more remarkable if we compare these figures with those of September 2014, when Apple was awarded “only” 6.3% market share in Spain.

    Looking at this in perspective, we see how Apple has managed to double in just three months mobile market share in Spain-a territory in which Android has always maintained a dominant position. All this thanks to the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

    Meanwhile, Android has retained the lead in December 2014 but as expected, iOS growth has led to a slight reduction of its market share, which has fallen from 85.9% in November 2014 to 83% in December 2014. However, this slight drop should not blow alarms, since December, despite being navideña- time is “low” season for the Android platform. Older releases with that operating system occur in the first half of the year, and this is where manufacturers tend to increase the number of sales and revenue.

    2015 could be the last bullet chambered for Windows Windows formerly known as Windows Phone- continues to fall for their particular cliff. After overtaking iOS mobile market share in Spain last month June 2014 (with a 7.5 % market share), platform has done nothing but lose points since then, reaching 3.8% in December 2014. The absence of new exciting products, the transition to Microsoft and Nokia large gaps that still has Windows have been the main causes of this situation. However, 2015 looks promising with the arrival of Windows 10 and, especially, with the integration of Microsoft and Nokia to complete.

    Finally found a BlackBerry, who should soon start disappear from these studies market share. In Spain, the percentage is 0%, according to Kantar, which approximates the Canadian company even more to his early death


    iOS doubled its market share in Spain in just three months: the iPhone effect in June
    February 4, 2015

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