Is it worth buying a mid-range this year or last year’s high-end?

When asked recommendations of Android phones and do not want to go mobile 700 euros normally mention two or three modest but I know that…

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When asked recommendations of Android phones and do not want to go mobile 700 euros normally mention two or three modest but I know that pay well. When I see that none of the options I mention them interested always do them the same question: have you thought about buying a cap-end of last year

At first I look? with bewilderment but when you understand why I say they are still very powerful terminals despite having one year but where the price also, in many cases, is quite attractive. The old high-end midrange are already present today, an option to keep in mind if you want a good phone and have a budget somewhat tight

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What is new against the old

The mobile telephony industry moves at a frantic pace and now we have come to their speed. A barrage of phone that make owning “ultimate” lasts a short time. Unless you have a special need to always be on the crest of the wave, the phone with one year old, even two, still offer excellent performance.

Last year for example we had some good butt as the Xperia range Z3, the M8 One, Moto or Galaxy S5 (despite being the worst Samsung S series). To them we must add further terminals without such a high profile fall under the list of phones that have aged well, as the Xiaomi Mi 4 or OnePlus One.

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This year we also had good midrange: terminals have shown that Full HD is already available and that the camera is not a privilege of mobile over 600 euros. In fact, some super mid-range mobile stand up to those fighting to be the best of the year and have been off the hook for not offering anything particularly interesting.

If we search a little Internet, it is easy to find top end of last year at a good price. In fact, in our Bargain Hunting and sometimes protagonists often find these phones at very good price.

In the middle range, this year many have clung to mobile Snapdragon and 615, a processor that has shown much better performance with 720p resolutions , with 1080p (option taken by the majority) has had enough problems. Moreover, the standard SoC top-end of 2014 (Snapdragon 801) has aged very well despite bringing little new compared to 800 in 2013.

The camera also have good representatives : OnePlus One, Mate 7 Xperia Z3, Note 4 … There are certainly very good at moving photographic midrange 2015 but some of the models mentioned above continue to make fine line differentiates them the lower models.

Is it a bad buy an existing midrange? No

At this point, it may seem that the article is a clear apology to buy phones from a year earlier to get the famous triple B: good, nice and cheap . True, we can find good deals if you look well but the midrange 2015 have much to say.

On the one hand we have the money although the high-end 2014 have been very accessible media 2015 further lowering the bar. Yes, you can get a mobile as the Z3 Compact for 400 euros but in the range of 300 terminals there are several equally attractive. Is it worth paying the difference? Question difficult.

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The midrange have going for them this year are especially resilient, have terminals ranging from 200 euros to 400 configurations of all kinds to suit all tastes and budgets. 2014 The badges will ship most at a price that exceeds 400 unless we find some timely offer.

Then we have everything related to the updates. Difficult question and that is on neighborhoods, or brands should say. Typically new versions of Android always reach all first stop range and even the most modest phones are younger, do not always reach. We must look very carefully.

In my opinion, deciding on one or another depend a lot on what you seek in a terminal. For example, if you want a small but powerful mobile worth taking a look at Z3 Compact because it covers a very specific niche with its dimensions and performance

It is no longer so much a matter we leave the range. half to go to other terminals if not simply to assess all these smartphones when renewing ours. Before finishing, we go with a few quick tips to remember the best of 2014

  • If you want a mobile photo and also has an elegant design. Xperia Z3.
  • If you want everything you just said but in a small format Z3 Compact Xperia
  • If you do not mind the design. and want a great mobile that will last a long battery life. Ascend Mate 7
  • For those seeking a mobile good and frequently update: Moto X or Nexus 6.
  • If you want a mobile round but finished not excel . on anything in particular: OnePlus One

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Is it worth buying a mid-range this year or last year’s high-end?
September 16, 2015

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