It filters the operation of the Motion Sense technology gestures by air the Google Pixel 4

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    filters the operation of the Motion Sense technology gestures by air the Google Pixel 4

    This week Apple is having with their new iPhone, but Google seems to not stay behind, and it has been started the machine for leaks. This is so, you already know their first real photos, its possible color orange and date of presentation.

    Are because by knowing some of its new software, as it can be Motion Sense, the technology that will allow you to interact with the Pixel without the need of touching it. Through a YouTube video that we have been able to see through XDA Developers, have been filtered, the functions that would have Motion Sense.

    So would the Pixel 4 through gestures by air

    Pixel 4 motion sense

    The settings that would be the mode Motion Sense of the Google Pixel 4 have leaked, letting us see the possibilities that we would provide. Remember that the Pixel 4 will be waiting for you with Project Soli, a series of sensors that allow you to interact with the phone without touching it.

    In the first place, we can see that Motion Sense allows you to pass songs, using a lateral slip of our hand. This function could be useful in situations in which we are listening to music with the mobile supported on any surface, and have no intention of holding it to change the song. According to the direction in which you move the hand, move to the previous or next song.

    Motion Sense would allow them to move songs or mute the phone (in calls and alarms) with just a swipe of the hand above the screen

    In the second place, we appreciate how it is possible to silence calls and alarms by using the same gesture, is a lateral slip of the hand. The Google Pixel 3 already allowed you to mute the phone by putting it face down, but with this method it is not necessary to touch something that is useful, for example, if we are with the mobile phone resting on a table.

    Google Pixel 4

    finally, we see a function curious, that allows you to activate the environment using the approach of your hand. In this way, we will be able to see notifications, check the time and other information that appears in this screen. Here it should be recalled that, apart from the Always On Display, the Google Pixel 4 would be Ambient Mode, a feature of Google Assistant, which would show extra information with the phone in standby.

    To date, the operation of Soli is confirmed by Google in the united States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and “most of Europe”, so that with high probability the Google Pixel 4 that come to Spain can enjoy this novelty.

    Via | XDA Developers

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    The news filter operation, Motion Sense, the technology of gestures by air the Google Pixel 4 was originally published in Xataka Android by Ricardo Aguilar .

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    It filters the operation of the Motion Sense technology gestures by air the Google Pixel 4
    September 11, 2019

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