“It is the opportunity to create a ‘Jumanji’ to give to a new generation’: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas

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    I have to admit that when it was announced ‘Jumanji: welcome to the jungle’ I not only invaded the skepticism, but also a feeling of fear to dinamitasen completely, to these heights, classic original Joe Johnston 95, desvirtuándolo to adapt it to the canons of the blockbuster contemporary in the muscle, the noise and the excess, take precedence over the care and intelligence.

    Maybe the lack of expectations placed on it has gotten this sequel to ‘Jumanji’ I have been known to blessed glory, making me enjoy your self-consciousness, his sense of humor and your piece is affixed to the hour of homage to the film original by offering a new product. On the occasion of its premiere, we have been able to chat with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas —three-protagonists— in a brief meeting in which, in addition to talk about the conception of the film, have confirmed that the good feeling seems to have between them in the film extends to real life.

    Today is a trend in Hollywood to make remakes of movies from thirty years ago, but, why ‘Jumanji’? What I was attracted to the project?

    Dwayne Johnson: The opportunity to create a ‘Jumanji’ to give to a new generation. The elements of the ‘Jumanji’ original, everything that managed to capture Robin Williams in his interpretation… all of these things are recipes for, fingers crossed, if it comes out well, even achieved a success even greater than was the original. is The doubts of some fans when we announced that we were going to do the movie made no sense, we understood but at the same time, our speech was “have faith in us, we will treat this project with great care and only want to make a fantastic film”.

    everyone aims to make films with good intentions, and doesn’t always work as well, but, fortunately, as the movie goes on projecting around the world, more and more people fall in love with it. And also the fans of the original!


    Kevin Hart: I Think that it is a matter of understanding the time. When you talk about your childhood, for you it is a souvenir amazing, but no children of this generation who have no idea of what was ‘Jumanji’. There are children who don’t even understand what that was nor his importance, and bring something and give it to them so that they become familiar with ‘Jumanji’ can allow them to go back and see the original. is Not we wanted to redo or recreate, we wanted to continue; this is a world that can be continued, can only get bigger and better, and the only way to shape it without repeating what had already been done, is to make him look great. I think that, in the end, you always want to progress, not go back.

    This was the time of the study, to progress, to pick a work that they already had and say: “do you Know what? Why not continue this world? Why we have not done yet? What prevents it? We’re going to find someone who can do him justice, we’re going to do that to stand out”. I think that the actors that have signed have done a great job of taking the material that we have been given and giving it life, and doing everything he had on the paper sobresaliese for the younger generations are met and the elder generations who are familiar with the original alucinen.


    Dwayne and Kevin, you two already had worked together previously, and in this new ‘Jumanji’ is note your chemistry. But, how was the chemistry between all the actors on the set? Because it gives you the feeling that you as ye went in big on rolling.

    Nick Jonas: My first day of filming was one of my most important scenes, so I was a bit intimidated by entering the set with all these people, because they are very good at what they do. But the key to making everything work was the fact that they marked the rhythm and the atmosphere on the set, and Jake, our director, created a very good atmosphere, so it was inevitable that we did friends and having a good time while filming the movie. With Jack Black around it is difficult not to have a good time… And with Kevin, of course… And Dwayne… and Karen… It’s a good group, and I think it looks on the screen. We spent a very good time.


    Dwayne Johnson: In Hollywood, when you do these movies… it is Not usual that you can make a film like this with a cast of actors known —in comparison with one of unknown actors— and with this type of material, which is obviously action and adventure, but also comedy. I think we were very fortunate with this; I personally believe in the law of attraction, Kevin and I have worked on many things together, we have already made two films, all the other projects… and now we’re all working together. They are all good people, had a great time and the chemistry was amazing. This is one of those things that is not spoken or written to normally, but this idea of chemistry, that all the world begins to get on well and that chemistry just across the screen is something very real. That is why all of the world that is watching the movie he says: “Wow! It’s been great!”.

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    “It is the opportunity to create a ‘Jumanji’ to give to a new generation’: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas
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    December 22, 2017

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