James Gunn tab by DC: will write the sequel to ‘Suicide Squad’, and possibly direct

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    James Gunn tab by DC: will write the sequel to 'Suicide Squad', and possibly direct

    it Was only a matter of time, and has already occurred. Months after being fired by Disney because of a few old tweets, James Gunn has been contratado by Warner to help you lift the wobbly DC Universe. Specifically, the screenwriter and director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (volume 1 and 2) is going to take ‘Suicide Squad 2’, a project that has not finished booting.

    Gunn is going to write the sequel and reserves the option to direct, if you agree with Warner on everything. Which seems likely, but let’s not forget the clumsy management of the study with the first ‘Suicide Squad’ (didn’t respect the vision of David Yesterday), or with ‘Justice League’, where, by the way worked for Joss Whedon (another filmmaker who came to Marvel through the back door and had no luck with Warner).

    Since the first ‘Suicide Squad’ was an unexpected box-office success, in 2016, Warner announced the launch of a second party with most of the cast back on board. However, David Ayer chose to embark on other projects, and Warner soon found a substitute. Mentioned names like Jaume Collet-Serra and Mel Gibson; after many rumors the studio ended up hiring Gavin O’connor.

    the months Passed and the producer of ‘Warrior’ and ‘The accountant’ also had good luck with the project. is Now Warner tries, with James Gunn, which a priori is an ideal choice for the project: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ has already proved that it gives great narrating stories of groups or families peculiar.

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    The news James Gunn tab by DC: you will write the sequel to ‘Suicide Squad’, and possibly direct was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    James Gunn tab by DC: will write the sequel to ‘Suicide Squad’, and possibly direct
    Source: www.vayatele.com  
    October 9, 2018

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