‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, very funny, but with a future full of doubts

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    Jean Claude Van Damme in Van Johnson

    Jean-Claude Van Damme and demonstrated the remarkable ‘JCVD’ that has the smallest cast in harness its image to bring up films with a meta content . It is a resource that to me has always seemed quite stimulating and Hollywood has not squeezed enough to become tiresome to the viewer as much as sole have a very positive reception.

    That is precisely the idea the rotating ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ , the new pilot Amazon posed the acting career Van Damme was actually a simple alibi to mask his job as a murderer for hire. Now retired, he returned to practice after reacquainted with a woman from his past and the result is a very entertaining driver, but that leaves some doubts about whether it is appropriate to go ahead <-.! More- ->

    Fun good

    Van Damme Van Johnson

    Update : from here you will find small spoilers of the episode pilot .

    One of the great virtues of the pilot to Amazon is that their involved perfectly know the type of work they are doing and nothing cut about, well knowing that there is marked balance its comic nature with the fact of having sufficiently effective action scenes as to ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ does not end up falling into the ridiculous.

    In addition, this latter is something that the script Dave Callahan flirts constantly since the first episode shows the return to action of the protagonist after retirement a couple of years that is felt in the current situation, which was just what was highlighted in a su nice trailer.

    There’s no shortage of jokes as the waiter that fails to know who he is, but it is something that soon becomes part of their professional baggage ‘Really someone would forget the script – instead of emphasize too much about it. Van Damme becomes here a decadent hero, yet capable of great feats , but whose lack of fluency will surely be the main focus of that side of the story.

    Starring Jean Claude Van Damme Van Johnson

    around all found their target component, the pilot has given us many laughs thanks to references to Hollywood in general I -retirado really not as Nicolas Cage – own career or Belgian actor. On this last point they have been comparisons between ‘Looper’ and ‘Timecop ‘ where it has more conspicuous, but, again, I think the key has been Calaham’s ability to balance everything and force them falling into excess, for example, sometimes happened with references to 80 ‘Stranger Things’ .

    in this regard also helps solvent staging of Peter Atencio because it does not fall into the mistake of neglecting the action for the benefit of humor, making a meeting between the two options for ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ can function both these two aspects as being an action comedy. Yes a little surprised that the treatment of the action come to be the same both when shooting a fiction film-a facet that I would like explorasen more if the series continues to become below-as Van Johnson, but it is not something that bothers .

    ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, better as a film

    Scene Jean Claude Van Johnson

    Being fair, I think the pilot ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ verges on arriving to be the best version of herself. There are a couple of jokes that do not work and ability as a dramatic actor Van Damme is somewhat limited, but the first was inevitable and the latter is introduced into the plot itself and also l a series lose its tronchante next target if it is replaced by a likely best performer, but without the baggage .

    However, I have serious doubts about the ability to ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ to become a series worth . The big problem here is that the very premise of the series limited so brutal its route unfinished falling into repetition, which would destroy its freshness and would make all we thought moment is a pity that no he had stayed in a timely thing.

    Image Jean Claude Van Johnson

    it would be better ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ as film and television series? Yes I think it gives for more than the funny half-hour premiere Amazon this past weekend, but all I can think of to go ahead with a season is dipping into-one cameos Cage would be great to just that aprovecharan- to continue taking advantage of the target side while Van Johnson is polishing his style and love Vanessa recovers, rightly Kat Foste r -.

    Unfortunately, I do not see much sense to extend all this beyond, at most, a first season that should not consist of many episodes , and you can only do a certain number of jokes of this kind without tiring nor you can overstretch his role as a murderer in real life without falling into the routine ends of their less achieved movies. Not to say I have my doubts about that other filmmakers knew to keep the compact tone of this first episode.

    Finally, pilot ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’s well worth it and is pretty close to being the best version of yourself that could be, but I have mixed feelings about their possible continuity . On the one hand, I would be happy to have a weekly ration of fun at this level, but otherwise I think it would take a miracle for its decline did not arrive at just a few episodes or even in the next. Of course, Amazon is now the decider.

    Tele Go! | ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson ‘amazing trailer series with Van Damme Amazon

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    ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ amazing trailer series with Van Damme Amazon

    The news ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, very funny, but with a doubtfully future was originally published in Tele Go by Mikel Zorrilla .

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    ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, very funny, but with a future full of doubts
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    August 21, 2016

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