Jennifer Lawrence also she was enthusiastic about ‘Passengers’: “I’m disappointed with myself”


Jennifer Lawrence returns to be in the mouth of all by the trailer of ‘mother!’ and there is already talk that can get a new nomination to the Oscar, taking into account that now totals four, and that Natalie Portman won the statuette thanks to another thriller of Darren Aronofsky. With only 26 years old and on the cusp, it is evident that Lawrence can afford to stumble. And not only in the galas…

‘Passengers’ stands out as one of the most awkward of his career. The film was intended to devastate a great show full of intrigue and romance, but was battered by critics and the public was also not enthusiastic about; even so, raised $ 303 million at the box office, not bad for a blockbuster (it cost 110, more advertising). Almost a year later, actress confesses that he hastened to accept the project.

In a recent entrevistaLawrence match one of the major attacks that are made to the film, “the stage of repulsive stalker”, something that has affected too much to the experience of many critics and viewers, who could not let it pass. The actress also believes that ‘Passengers’ would have worked better if it was structured another way, starting the story with the awakening of your character.

“I’m disappointed with myself for not seeing it. I thought the script was beautiful: it was a story of love corrupted and complicated. Since then it was not a failure. I’m not ashamed in any way. It’s just that there were things that I wished that I had checked more deeply before climbing aboard.” – Jennifer Lawrence

After reading these words, it is impossible not to remember that claimed 20 million for making this film, by becoming an actress best paid Hollywood, after publicly protest by the wage disparity between men and women. I do not say that the figures in the cheque were of decisive importance when making your decision but… I’m sure that influenced.

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Jennifer Lawrence also she was enthusiastic about ‘Passengers’: “I’m disappointed with myself”
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