Jesus and Jorge Javier Vazquez in the soup: Jury now ‘Got Talent Spain’

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    Got Talent

    No You could say that Telecinco has squeezed a head to choose the jury of his new talent show . ‘Got Talent Spain’, the new adaptation of the international format ‘Got Talent’, will have a Jesus Vazquez, Jorge Javier Vazquez, Eva Hache and Edurne sitting in the chairs of the jury.

    Jury presenter or boy cleaning, Vazquez de Telecinco appear to serve all . No new Telecinco program for which they are not considered, only this time present the program . Does this mean that ‘Got Talent Spain’ will have presenter? Or that resort to Christian Galvez, the third boy for everything?

    ‘Got Talent Spain’ will arrive in the coming months after the end of Telecinco ‘You really are worth “a couple of years, a format that was born in 2008 to make Heat ‘Got Talent’, the first adaptation that made four before fusion and caused a cross-accusations of plagiarism. What is the difference between ‘You really are worth “and” Got Talent Spain?

    Only in Telecinco have the answer, if there is any. might just try a facelift to not continue to operate as burnt title. The auditions will begin in late August in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Seville, and is expected to issue Telecinco issued in the last quarter of 2015 and first of 2016.

    Tele Go! | Four acquires rights Got Talent

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    News Jesus and Jorge Javier Vazquez in the soup: now sworn ‘Got Talent Spain’ was originally published in Go Tele by David Pastrana .

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    Jesus and Jorge Javier Vazquez in the soup: Jury now ‘Got Talent Spain’
    August 5, 2015

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