‘Joker’ is exceptional: a powerful film and free, unusual for Hollywood in the times that run

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  • 'Joker' is exceptional: a powerful film and free, unusual for Hollywood in the current times

    Any movie that has been produced since the beginnings of the medium, and, in general, with any artistic creation, belonging to the discipline you belong to, is hopelessly daughter of time. Going beyond our beloved seventh art, it is not difficult to find various examples which illustrate this assertion, particularly within the film genre; and for sample there is the terror of the 50 heir of the paranoid anti-communist or the derivative of the attacks of 11-S of 2001.

    In regards to ‘Joker’, we could conclude that your conception is the fruit of our time for two reasons, quite distinct: the seemingly inexhaustible boom comic book pijamero on the big screen and a socio-political reality represented by Todd Phillips in the a Gotham more new york than ever, dominated by the disappointment, the tension, the abandonment of the higher areas, and a chasm unbridgeable between classes. 

    These two levels of convenience have been completed which resulted in a pair of smart hours over which it is built a real gem, ironically timeless, which wanders between a few raw 70 raw that seem to be extracted from the handwriting of Paul Schrader, and a 2019 that was crying out for a feature film, brave, which is to refuse to give explanations and who asks us to cabrearnos… but always with a smile in the mouth.

    A jewel that knows no times, daughter of past times and as a result of present realities

    If we focus on the world of the bullet from DC, there is no doubt that the Elseworlds —stories that are set outside of the official canon of their characters and explore different backgrounds and environments— have always stressed to offer points of view, more lucid, attractive, and, even, delicate —no more than take a look at the ‘Child Red’ Mark Millar—. 

    In this case, Phillips and the screenwriter, Scott Silver, shying away from any reference print, have given way to a new genesis for the Clown Prince of Crime gothamita more human and earthly than ever before. A splendid study of character and an awe-inspiring exercise of empathy with a villain of manual that about more than ever, the universe of man bat to ours.


    On the huge list of virtues that make ‘Joker’ one of the best films of the year —and which fully justify his controversial Golden Lion—, is is necessary to claim the boldness of the large studio responsible for taking the risk to give the green light to a project of these characteristics, not only in terms of subject matter, but also in terms of its stylish shape. We are, therefore, faced with the only way Warner to face its direct competition, and before a type of work that very few, hoped to see embodied today.

    Because if anything defines ‘Joker’, that is your freedom. A concept that encompasses from its unusual camera work and mise en scene up a Joaquin Phoenix Oscar, loosed and delivered to the improvisation; going for a tone and treatment of violence that does not make concessions, and who refuses to bend the knee —in fact, this is done explicitly during a scene in— front of those speeches moralizing and wheels of the offense that both are in fashion today.


    it Is this independence, in this self-confidence to convey without restraints controversial messages, we urge you to be aware of our surroundings, where many people are seeing something dangerous; it may be that, precisely because of that habit, the whiteness, the purity and the manichaeism to which we are accustomed to large productions, hollywood.

    But ‘Joker’ is not, nor much less, a threat. What is truly disturbing is that the public is in the compromised situation of identify with attitudes as heinous as those of his protagonist after discovering that the weather in Gotham is not much different from that we live on the other side of the screen. 


    And, as I said, we are faced with a film of startling today than they must fight the unfair prejudice to find its origin in the ninth art in a time of superpowers and costumes of spandex everywhere, but that, in turn, is capable of lifting ampoules. And that, beyond any good film, is what ends up bringing a feature film of the greatness to excellence.

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    The news ‘Joker’ is exceptional: a powerful film and free, unusual for Hollywood in the times was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


    ‘Joker’ is exceptional: a powerful film and free, unusual for Hollywood in the times that run
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    October 1, 2019

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