Journal of PPP Development: 24 Levels and was created by Francisco Javier Saorín

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    In Engadget Android speak of applications daily. Whether in the form of compilations, important updates or to discover apps capable of doing anything. Behind every one of them is a development team, sometimes it is just one person independently, sometimes a crew of engineers. Anyway, behind each application there are people and with them stories .

    This week we decided to release a new format, a journal of development where application developers will tell us the process behind an app . How it started, he grew and eventually reached the users. In this first edition we were released with 24 Levels Francisco Javier Saorín

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    All applications start with a first draft. Here are the first steps of an application made before 24 Levels Fran

    Fran takes some time to develop applications, but their specialty is now three published iOS games. Hexagons, Drone Smash and 24 Levels . The latter has recently debuted on Android and today is the title that will unravel with its creator.

    Before proceeding, briefly explain what it consists of 24 Levels. We are facing an endless run where our goal is to get as far as we can while jumping at full speed. What’s different about this game? each time the level is different and therefore we have 24 stages in total, hence the name.

    The game was supposed to be about colors but Final thought what if I do this type of platform [endless run] “We Fran explains when asked about the inspiration of 24 Levels. “ Levels 24 through success came as Geometry Dash says.

    Following the talk, out the importance of originality and how difficult it can sometimes be done without an original development from things already made “ What is striking is the design end you give, you can do an absurd game with a mechanism that already exists as Candy Crush but good design work and enters the eye . “

    ” Many free to play follow the mechanics slot to tell you that you are playing very well and will win many points on the other hand is based on Levels 24 to be the best of friends “

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    Once that first embryo on how you can make a game arises, we have to think on which platform you are going to develop and what devices can be exported . “ What I normally do is think about what platform it out. Use Unity and Crown export to two platforms. In applications is more difficult because there are differences between systems, but in games development is always the same

    Here an important debate in our discussion opens. develop an application can be very difficult if you go to do it alone and wants to bring different operating systems. With games is easier but still has its share of research, we explains Fran to tackling Crown and its possibilities: “ Inquire about the API offering, which has physical and start making the first prototypes until you see something you could catch

    designed the first prototype of the game, time for a premature testing. Do I make an open call or the step-known Fran is very clear: “ If you’re looking for people who want to try the game does not always work. If you get it herself, is what gives you good feedback and asks for updates of development

    ” Take your style but listen to the user “

    In the first honest feedback begin to emerge the first ideas: Enter an achievement system based on the score or play for instance the level of four o’clock.

    That done, a thought began to appear in the minds of developers: how can I offer my game? Fran for a second but answered with certainty: “ You have to ask if you are going to put some kind of purchase, if you’re going to want to monetize. Always in my games I put the option to remove advertising. “It is still early to go deeper into the market, we continue with the development and testing.


    As development proceeds 24 Levels creator explains that testing continues until “ find what you like “. With the feedback obtained and the mechanics that you think will engage you keep working. At this point in the conversation arises the design of the levels and nature:

    Actually 24 Levels in each level is different but spread out throughout the day. Each level is always the same. Levels are generated through the numbers, they are never randomized. Not really a seed if not a system created to generate 24 levels

    Beyond design arises music .” My idea It was that each level had music, I was talking with an Italian composer PlayOnLoop to buy items but it was a lot of money. I paid for a single issue, it is worth making a small investment to get quality resources. In this case, it was not feasible to invest in both soundtrack.

    At that time, we discussed whether small developments worth or ask favors from friends artists and believe us something but Fran is clear:. “. If you want to have a single game, it is best to get with people you can do personal work and pay for it

    Made the first beta, it’s time to throw it and share it. 24 Levels started with the system that has Google betas Play : you upload the application but does not appear in the search, you have to give someone else the link to download it. When they begin to appear the first download data emerge:

    “Analytical giving Android are complete. Normally always it boasts facilities but never uninstalls, you also mentioned the Google provides. The only downside is that it is slowly giving feedback, 48/72 hours can be waiting until you take the first report. “

     Screen Capture A 20 September 2015 July 12 33 The

    Although it is slow, there are alternatives:” There payment solutions like App Annie gives you metrics for hours “. Everything is fine but s urgent a problem related to the fragmentation of Android : screen sizes and resolutions all there. Not forgetting, of course, the configurations of processors and GPUs. Once you remember the picture we Fran responds:

    One of the problems I encountered but some tools like Corona lets you resize a screen type and requires few adjustments made. OpenGL viewer works well. In more complicated applications check the layout on each resolution.

    Although Fran interrupted while the problem resolution, confesses that in a Galaxy Nexus with doing the tests discover the game stutters. Following that comment arises an issue that has also often talk about user reviews on Google Play : “Valuations are complicated and sometimes you can not tell a user It has an antique or very poor mobile configuration. As developers often can not get more out of the hardware. “Regrets


    This also adds that Fran the reimbursement system Google Play is not prominently “to the user to decide if you want your money back when you purchase an app. Many probably already know that you have two hours today but sometimes we forget that this option exists.

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    What does that have application to triumph? it is a difficult question but Fran no doubt respond: “ has to be a useful application outside that’s difficult .”. To this, also, we must add the problem of monetization. 24 Levels To its creator decided to follow the same pattern as in other games. Free with ads and the ability to pay to remove

    Piracy does not care and recognize that “ if I find pirated, I am glad to see that people have an interest in her “. For now he says he has not given a pirated copy of 24 Levels online. As learning in this development, Fran keeps discovering Corona as an alternative to games : a tool that tells us it is easier to use than Unity, yet is flexible when exporting to several platforms

    Before ending our conversation, he asked Fran to give me some advice for developers who are beginning and we parted with the following:. “ If you have an idea and time, take it out because and you learn for future developments. You never know if it will work or if anyone can get ahead “.

    Journal of developing an app is a section in which we interviewed different application developers where we tell their stories. If you want to participate, please contact us and tell us your story in

    News Journal of PPP Development: 24 Levels and was created by Francisco Javier Saorín was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Journal of PPP Development: 24 Levels and was created by Francisco Javier Saorín
    September 22, 2015

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