‘Jurassic World: The kingdom fallen’ extends checks your score for ages can’t pay

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    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    I Remember as if it were yesterday the first time I saw ‘The lost world’, the brilliant sequel to the yet another instant classic created by Steven Spielberg ‘jurassic Park’. My retina was recorded to fire the violence that appear in some passages of the story, according to their prominent dark, and to the increase of the weight of the terror in the same, and that made the film worthy of an understandable age rating for over thirteen years.

    a Little over two decades later, the tyranny of box office, and the understandable interest by make a box covering the larger spectrum of audience as possible, have transformed what once was a PG13 to the height of a content minimally perturbing on a label that prevents some of the larger blockbusters contemporary unleash a aspirations of generic and tonal truncated.

    ‘Jurassic World: The kingdom fallen’ is the latest great example to evidence this practice, which buries his thundering sense of the show, and the bright —although lacking in personality— the direction of J. A. Bayona under a script written with the autopilot on and an excessive whitening that minimizes the potential impact of their tranches more gloomy. Elements that prevent the tape off completely, and the relegate to a meritorious third place within the estimable saga jurassic.

    it Would be totally unfair to hosting full the fantastic work that the filmmaker Catalan and his team have carried out to offer a entertainment of first level as dictated by the canons of the blockbusters today, especially during a first half dominated by the essence of the film adventures of the house Amblin and in the excitement, and the best deployment audiovisual imaginable found its peak.

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    it Is during these bars prior to the mid-point of the film when the director makes full use of his mastery of the language “spielbergiano”, with a working chamber and a mise-en-scene so impersonal as well effective that give way to moments more balanced of the footage in terms of the coherence between form and background is concerned.

    unfortunately, the arrival of ecuador’s ‘kingdom fallen’ brings under the arm a, a priori, exhilarating 180-degree turn that, in addition to turning the movie on a exercise twinned with the horror gothic —mansion, gloomy and monster-the Hammer included—,, reveals a Bayonne seems to be struggling to make visible their stamp and move forward with a film that is the great study responsible is not very for the work to pass.

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    All of this can be summed up by referring to an irritating lack of guts, in addition to affecting your sugar-narrative, creates a feeling —real or not— that the dark tone that surrounds the second part of the story is something impostado and dishonest; print that accentuates the “terror,” soft, gentle and suitable for all audiences in that the bites do not ooze blood, the characters do not say a single bad word and the dismemberment are displaced to a forced out-of-field.

    at The beginning of this text he pointed out how cool it keeps my memory of ‘The lost world’. To complete it I must confess that, despite having enjoyed fully the harmless diversion that provides ‘kingdom fallen’, I’ve already forgotten almost completely. And the reason is not, or much less, in the nostalgia stale and outmoded —one of the greatest evils of modern industry, especially when it is more understood— but in that lack of courage of few studies more concerned to make it clear that there is a future for your franchise to be congruent with the content and the treatment of its productions.

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    ‘Jurassic World: The kingdom fallen’ extends checks your score for ages can’t pay
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    June 9, 2018

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