‘Justice league’, the timid green shoots in the toy fetishist Zack Snyder

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    lash the universe cinematic DC is already spit too much on the same puddle. The majority of those who follow the progress of their companies titanic by adjusting the zeitgeist the cinema of superheroes that queen know that the start of your task has big problems from the ground up. The unintentional comedy that was ‘Batman V Superman: dawn of justice’ (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016) not to put the wind on your face.

    The interferences of study mark the tone of the ‘Suicide Squad’ (Suicide Squad, 2016) and define the attitude of the study, as the elephant in the junkyard, trying to make skyscrapers from the attic. The chapter ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) showed a positive path of the ‘justice League’ just learning something, but if that proved to be a movie built around an idea, in the new film Zack Snyder play again the old demons of Warner playing Frankenstein.

    Justiceleague Trailer 02

    Humor welcome

    And is that, indeed, we have a work much less solemn, without the echo of that transcendence after digestion heavy stew that was ravaging the endless footage of ‘Batman V Superman’. There is an attempt to water all with vitamins and mix red bull with the gasoline in the carburetor, and that translates into pace, a development focused, with more resilience and a necessary intervention of the urgency of humor. I do not know the role of Joss Whedon (not credited) in the end result in this aspect.

    And yes, there is a noble intention of making the interaction of the characters is special, and for this there is a great amount of one liners here and there that at least half of the situations work. In this regard, Flash is a pleasant surprise, and the majority of their lines of script give the nail on the head. Others, such as Batman not just out to float so lightly. And in general, it is noticed from the distance that it is trying to force the machine.

    sometimes, the whole gives the impression of being like a hung his head professor of history attempts to be funny to fall better to their students. The class is passed with more interest, but you feel a poquillo of pity to see how he tries to make jokes without having naturalness is innate. And that same problem extends to the performances. Within the correction, but without a direction of the actors which then flow to their interactions.


    The era of Steppenwolf

    The inclusion of humor seems to be a direct response to the rival. In DC have no doubt that it did lack a bit of verve and nothing better than wink to Marvel to see if it hits something. If you hire Whedon was not enough obvious, and what better to use as the catalyst of the attack of the forces of evil in a cube. Okay, that boxes mother are part of the mythology of DC, but if it ‘The Avengers’ (The Avengers, 2012) there was another cube, called the tesseract, just like the thing sung.

    and of Course, who is behind the artifact, the villain, Steppenwolf, is a guy with a helmet with horns (no, it does not come from Asgard) with an army of men-wasp with armor and helmets with red eyes fighting against the heroes in a final climax in the eastern Europe with poor families of possible collateral victims who also have to rescue. Ahem.

    Lack of originality aside, in the end it is a film of superheroes, and there is a concern to show to the icons of DC making and team working in action. And in this aspect, each one shines in his role, the scenes of club-wielding are as well collected as it is usually to ensure Snyder and there are a few moments of brilliance when they help or when they compete between them. Of course, Warner know that you have the winning card in Wonder Woman.

    Justice League Positions

    The dawn of the the positions

    therefore, despite not shining as in the movie individually, heroin is the glue driver that makes the set not shipwrecks. It is interesting to see, however, how it is picked up by the camera’s Patty Jenkins as the director of the ‘Watchmen’ (2009). Lack to put a plane steadycam at the rear of Gal Gadot in leather trousers. But the thing that will relieve the director is his fascination for all bodies, male or female, and in Aquaman has found its new Leonidas.

    And that is that you can delete the mustache Henry Cavill, but something that re-writes of the script and reshoots can’t get is that the seal of the director beating in the form of postures, moments zip and bullets to two pages everywhere. The love for their icons is so sincere that you can’t avoid to use three dozen of ‘Superhero Landing’ for the two hours of duration. Are his toys and likes to throw them, step on them and leave them be reborn with the epic of a teenager of the 2000 drunk playstation, magazines of girls with silicone, and nu-metal.

    The argument under the all is holds is almost a schema: the first of the comic and then the filigree. This is not a bad step forward in this universe, but the doctor passes by a hair, with a narration hit by a car and full of transitions, abrupt. Under the verbena and fireworks enable us to glimpse the lid of the coffin of the movie that it was before. Probably, worse, more dark and boring, but the final result, despite being an enjoyable show, you won’t stop being a corpse make up on, with frozen smile and costume party.

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    ‘Justice league’, the timid green shoots in the toy fetishist Zack Snyder
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    November 15, 2017

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