K-9, the best email client for Android open source

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    Alternatives exist, and if treated above released under an open license much better programs. Today we are going to talk about K-9 mail, an email client open source, powerful and compatible with all types of accounts , whether POP3 or IMAP . Are presumably in the more developed complete client without a business purpose behind an app from the AOSP mailer could take many functions.

    The application has already v Aryans years behind , and although was updated a few months ago, the design starts to be out of step with what we usually Android. Still, the number of different functions K-9 make a possible rival to be reckoned for the mighty Gmail , although it is much higher, has no incentive to support the community in each new release introduced.

    K9 Mail, a studded options

    K-9 mail client is created just for those who make heavy use your mailer. The fact is that most functions have to do with how to organize the mail, receive and sort

    Among the features of this client, we can highlight the following:.

    • Firms in the mail
    • Subscription

    • and classification using different folders
    • selective or complete synchronization folders
    • Deleting messages
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • LED Notifications

    • customizable
    • attachments Save to SD card
    • Management listings

    K-9 Mail is also translated into many languages. Any can download this application on Google Play and make it your default app for a while. All you need is to give it a try. The menu is very complete and well qualified, well overview is very compact , which is appreciated when you consider the amount of files that are received.

    Option adjusting for folders is something that Gmail already has, but K-9 Mail is included it since its inception. Folders can be classified according to the importance and choose which ones are synchronized in the background and what not.

    Another aspect to consider is your timing at different managers, where if delete this email actually erased from everyone else. The K-9 users can also use various keyboard shortcuts and hold to clear. A series of tricks and gestures that became fashionable thanks to Gmail.

    In short, K-9 mail is an application that at first glance may seem outdated but hides a whole work done by the enviable community . With its shortcomings, but features found in few managers Post Android. our support for a project with sufficient resources could be a real competition to the ubiquitous mail on Android.

    We leave a few images that we have done. What do you think the work of K-9 Mail?

     k9-13  k9-7  k9-10  k9-5  2014 -04-10 19.40.15  k9-4  k9-11  k9-6  k9-3  k9  k9-0

    Application in Google Play

    More info K9-Mail

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    K-9, the best email client for Android open source
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    April 12, 2014

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