Keyboard Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro 13””, and 12.9″” Logitech

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    The keyboard of Logitech Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro 11” 12.9” is a backlit keyboard with Bluetooth. Allows you to place the iPad in three different ways, to facilitate the use of the iPad in any location where the user is. In the mode Type Mode just connect the keyboard and type; in the Sketch Mode you can use the screen of the iPad to take notes and draw with Apple Pencil; and finally, the Read Mode, fold down the keyboard to read books, articles, and more.

    in Addition to the keyboard provides protection to the computer and account with a space to load and save the Apple Pencil. The keyboard is backlit and has three levels of brightness. The keyboard also has a full line of hot keys.

    The falls it fits perfectly with the iPad Pro, protecting the corners. It is a case lightweight to not add too much weight to the computer. The case has been designed with the sides open to be able to load the Apple Pencil with the case placed.

    The Slim Folio Pro has a long battery life which can run up to three months without charges. Connects by Bluetooth to your iPad very easily.

    The Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro 11” 12.9” is compatible with the iPad Pro, 11” and the iPad Pro 12.9” of the third generation. Has a price of 119.99 dollars for the model of 11” and 129.99 usd for the model of 12.9” and can be purchased through the Logitech Website.


    Keyboard Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro 13””, and 12.9″” Logitech
    April 20, 2019

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