King has the days counted: Daisy Ridley will leave ‘Star Wars’ after Episode IX

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    Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The last jedi

    In the absence of only a couple of weeks for the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The last jedi’, the conversation is veering off at the end of the trilogy today. The plan of J. J. Abrams to turn the Episode IX in a culmination of the whole saga and the announcement that Rian Johnson prepares a new trilogy apart from the family Skywalker do think that is about a stage really new.

    These rumors have been fueled with some new statements of Daisy Ridley, the young star that gives life to the mysterious King. About to be revealed the identity of the parents of the character (and the solution to their extraordinary skills ‘The awakening of the force’), the actress has been surprised by stating that your role in the franchise ends with ‘Star Wars IX’.

    On a report Rolling Stone on ‘The last jedi’, Ridley confesses that don’t want to follow playing the King beyond the trilogy that closes Abrams in 2019. And makes this clear on your contract:

    “I don’t Really know what I was signing. He had not read the script, but for all she knew, he had really good people involved, so I thought: ‘Brilliant’. Now I think that I am even more fortunate than I thought, to be a part of something that now feels like coming home. I am very, very excited to make the third and complete the story, because in the end, that I signed were three films. So in my head, are three films. I think that you will feel like the right time to close it.”

    In the same article questions to J. J. Abrams if your Episode IX will close the story of the Skywalkers and replies: “I see it that way. But the future is uncertain“. The intent seems clear, but, of course, in Hollywood one never knows and maybe in a few years Lucasfilm (or Disney) wants to retrieve the Skywalkers in some way; they have already demonstrated in the spin-offs with Darth Vader or Han Solo that these characters never die. ‘Star Wars: The last jedi’ premieres December 15.

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    The news the King has the days counted: Daisy Ridley will leave ‘Star Wars’ after Episode IX was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    King has the days counted: Daisy Ridley will leave ‘Star Wars’ after Episode IX
    December 1, 2017

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