Konami, Sega and Nintendo are japanese companies that grew the most in the bag in 2016

Square Enix and Capcom, the least.

Konami, Sega and Nintendo, in that order, are the japanese companies of video games that have grown in stock exchange during the past year by 2016, according to reports gamingbolt after studying your evolution on the floor of Tokyo in the last twelve months. In the case of the first of its merits are due to other businesses outside of the video game; Sega and Nintendo, their games and merchandising.

Konami, which ironically has been the target of criticism in the past few months (especially the director of mexican cinema Guillermo del Toro), has been the company that has been revalued, with a growth of 66,2%. The company is also maintaining an upward trend in the past five years. But the revaluation is not due to his business of video games, but to their gyms and machines and pachinko. This is its evolution in the last year and the past five years:

SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS, the parent company of Sega, it is the second company that has grown in 2016, with a revaluation of the 55% thanks to the success of their PC games, of your series Yakuza and Person 5. However, its good performance in 2016 still does not compensate for its loss of value in recent times, as can be seen in its evolution over the last five years.

finally, in the third place, Nintendo has had a growth in stock market of 48% that has been given, especially after the release of Pokémon GO, and has remained high thanks to good sales of Nintendo 3DS, the good reception of Switch and the launch of Super Mario Run. The company has regained value in the last five years after accusing a big drop from the phenomenon Wii. This is his evolution in the last year, the last five and the last 18.

japanese companies that have grown up in 2016 were Square Enix (that increased in value by 1.7%) and Capcom (which lost 6% of its value).

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Konami, Sega and Nintendo are japanese companies that grew the most in the bag in 2016
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