Lawbreakers, the new Cliff Bleszinski, Counter Strike mixture and Overwatch

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    lawbreakers, the new Cliff Bleszinski, mixing and Counter Strike Overwatch

    After a long time based art pieces, it’s time to see lawbreakers on the move: this is the first work of Cliff Bleszinski in Boss Key

    been several years since Cliff Bleszinski leave Epic Games studio in which he worked as game designer franchise Gears of War to found Boss Key Productions . Little seems to be enigmatic about artworks where we saw people but there is much that has been discussing, show after show, the Bleszinski himself. Lawbreakers drinks, and much, FPS competitive cutting as Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, or work without leaving the own creator, Unreal Tournament. And yes, there’s also plenty of Overwatch .

    What could qualify seen since , a Overwatch realistic aesthetic (a good job in Unreal Engine 4 perceive) that borrows mechanics other of the shooter and commented: there we have that leap powered by fire a missile so characteristic of Team Fortress 2. The trailer shows us a little any of the classes that will play : from fast Kitsune to the gigantic gross Kronos soldiers through more conventional as Maverick or Breacher.


    We do not see anything new or that has not been proposed before but would like to stay with a word of Bleszinski at E3, talking about their goal with this lawbreakers, “do not want to make a FPS more, we want to find that perfect spot to allow any take the controls and enjoy but that requires hours of development “. And yes, its direct reference, admitted without shame, is a Counter Strike: Global Offensive . which is increasingly upward

    lawbreakers come at a date to be determined next 2016 and will operate as free2play ; It is not hard to imagine a business model in which, by weekly rotation, can acquire the different characters that will be launched. One possible key to its success or failure will be measured to know the times and get to market before the proposal Blizzard. Only time will tell.


    Lawbreakers, the new Cliff Bleszinski, Counter Strike mixture and Overwatch
    August 29, 2015

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