LEGO Batman: Gotham Beyond, already on sale in Google Play

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    Lego Batman

    Adaptation mobile video game LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is already on sale in Google Play. LEGO and Warner Bros bring us to our Android devices this adventure under the name LEGO Batman:. Beyond Gotham at a price of 5.49 euros

    LEGO Batman: Gotham Beyond Android is based on the Nintendo 3DS version of the game with the same graphics and graphic options offering classic controls and touch controls. The game also can be played with gamepad and Android TV


    LEGO Batman: Gotham Beyond enjoy 45 levels full of action, platforming, puzzles, and humor featuring more than 100 characters in the DC Comics universe whose mission is to stop the evil Brainiac in his attempt to destroy the earth . To do this we have to use the incredible powers and abilities of our Justice League.

    The game despite being payment includes micropayments to buy with real money chips that allow us to unlock more characters, costumes with unique abilities.

    LEGO Gotham Batman Beyond

    LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham version 1.0

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    LEGO Batman: Gotham Beyond, already on sale in Google Play
    August 16, 2015

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