Leticia Dolera debut as director and screenwriter with a comedy indie, pop and “Kookie”

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    • The comedy ‘requirements to be a normal person’ Dolera’s first film as a director, screenwriter and lead actress, opens on Thursday.
    • This is a romantic comedy about finding happiness in a “girl who is not happy and believed to be, has to become normal”.
    • Silvia Munt, White Apilánez and Carmen Machi complete the cast of the film, which explores the harsh conditions imposed on the youth crisis.

     Leticia Dolera

    Actress Leticia Dolera has made the leap to feature film direction with Requirements to be a normal person , a comedy indie, naive and “very cuqui” ?? to tell his male protagonist, Manuel Burque ?? that contains many autobiographical touches because, “who is normal” ?, is Dolera question. “Nobody is normal, everyone is different and unique, there is beauty,” said the director, screenwriter and lead actress.

    Dolera clarifies who has romantic comedy about the search happiness and not a generational film , simply says, wanted to tell the story of a girl “who is not comfortable in his skin and believed to be, has to become normal”.

    This creates a list of requirements, which include having a job, home, family, social life and hobbies , and realizes that meets none. “They are actually advertising society and the requirements that mark, physicists, of course, but also social: you have to have a partner, children from age, a nice house, a car … and finally we forget the most important thing, which is the inside, “he says.

    Therefore, Requirements … , a different, fun and cool movie, it is also a reflection on the sense of “not fitting” says this young petite intense green eyes, whose fans chase for fifteen years, when they saw for the first time in the television series After school .

    “He wanted the aesthetic was naive and pop and some indie, also reflecting the Peter Pan syndrome that many thirties of my generation have , because we grew up believing that the 30 were the top of the maturity and when we arrived, we see that many took the same life as the 20 “notes.

    In this regard, Burque, a comedian and writer who not matter fat fifteen kilos to become Borja , the confidant of Mary of Mountains, said that the film “is naive, but without falling into kitsch, is cuqui, because the characters are not corny or sappy “.

    They were the producers of the film, including her partner, film director Paco Plaza, who realized that the character I had written, Maria Mountains, had both Leticia the ideal was that she interpreted it.

    A film with treinteañera view

    With a great sense humor, rising integers with the collaboration of actors like Silvia Munt, White Apilánez and Carmen Machi , the film explores issues such as family relationships, isolation or the harsh conditions of life that has tax crisis these young thirties.

    “We have grown up believing that with a career and a master would open doors and many of my generation are now with two runs and two Masters and scrubbing dishes humor “Dolera, who states outright wailing” “is one of the main requirements to go through life:” It’s my way of relating to the world “.

    The author of celebrated films like A or B (2010) or I’m sorry, I love you (2009) acknowledges having looked Dolera in the mirror of other actresses who also directed, as “Miranda July, Lenna Dunham, creator of HBO’s Girls , or July Delpy, not to mention Woody Allen,” says the star of (Rec.) 3: Genesis (2012)

    The film, which received the award for Best New Screenplay at the Festival of Malaga ?? addition to the Best Editing and photography of ??, opens in cinemas this Thursday. Dolera recommend this play to everyone, convinced that “will leave the cinema wanting to laugh and dance and not be normal people.”


    Leticia Dolera debut as director and screenwriter with a comedy indie, pop and “Kookie”
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    June 3, 2015

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