Letter to Santa Claus, indigestion, 2012, and an emotional journey to the moon. All Your Blog Are Belong To Us (CLXXX)

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  • Glú to the Moon

    Today is last AYBABTU 2012 , you see you. Oh you! But it’s okay, calm. not panic . In 2013 follow our favorite section. So go with what touches: weekly review.

    And we do Pixfall and successful article on . Hence one has caught a lot of strength, not without controversy. Yes, the crowdfunding . Seek funding for projects that have not yet been finished. Menudo business. But you have to know how to sell. It’s not all come and kiss the saint. Many have not succeeded.

  • As amiguero of pro I am, any article related to my beloved Amiga 500 has every chance to appear in this section, and if we talk about trilogy ‘Lotus’ , all the better. With Amram Pixelated Earth , we will see one of the greats of the era in terms of driving is concerned. But before moving on to the next article I would like to remember, and by the way, . Another legendary car very well.
  • Making a slight exception
  • back another week followed with Xenogames handing us now Xavier Perez your second part of the year largemouth , with such well-known names in the industry such as Cliff Bleszinski or Markus’ Notch ‘Persson. To see what you think your pearls.
  • From Ze [h] n Games comes a special by Razor on a series of Samus Aran . After the display III Power Suit : Metroid Prime will show the essence of a franchise that suffered a major change by Retro Studios. What stage do you stay? No trick this.
  • Through Mr. Red , our dear fellow GamesAjare , comes a recommendation: To the Moon . Yes, this indie came out a while, but no matter. Everything that is related to the moon we love. In addition, as you will see, this is not a game either.
  • The indigestion of 2012 . So to live is Leni , 99redpotions . It again mentions the crowdfunding (there must be), and no, no shortage of shooters . Or as the philosopher sóters .
  • And we close with something you can not miss: our letters to Santa Claus . You guys and have written? Gaming is LIFE Yes. If you do not know quite what to make, there you have several ideas.
  • In 2013 we will continue with more AYBABTU s always the same illusion Because we love reading your articles and sing the song every Friday. It will not be as popular as PSY , but just as catchy. Just missing a dance to match. As I thought, here’s the letter: All your blog are belong to us . Without exception.

    Letter to Santa Claus, indigestion, 2012, and an emotional journey to the moon. All Your Blog Are Belong To Us (CLXXX)
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    December 28, 2012

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